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Publisher of Faith & Fitness Magazine and Shout! Outdoor Lifestyle Magazine

Brad Bloom is the publisher of Faith & Fitness Magazine and Shout! Outdoor Lifestyle Magazine. He is president of Lifestyle Media Group, a ministry that develops content to help you connect your daily lifestyle with the Christian faith. You can use the CONTACT US form to schedule him to speak at your church, organization, group, community gathering or event.

International Fitness Cover Model

Ben Booker is an International Fitness Cover Model and travels the U.S. as a motivational speaker. He is the creator of the Razor Hybrid and has founded the fitness company Second Chance Lifestyle.

NPC competitor

Erik DeLaRosa is an NPC competitor and helps people with their journey into a healthier lifestyle through nutritional counseling and training. He lives with his family in Texas. For the latest information from Erik visit his Facebook page.

Training Department Editor of Faith & Fitness Magazine

Jason Rhymer is the Training Department Editor of Faith & Fitness Magazine and the Clergy Health Fitness Coordinator for the Clergy Health Institute through Pfeiffer University. He leads bootcamps and personal training sessions in Charlotte, NC, and has trained ages 5 to 90 over his 14+ year career.

Holistic Health Counselor

Tana Gabriel is a certified Holistic Health Counselor and graduate of The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. As a former competitive figure athlete, she is familiar with the struggles women face in finding balance in physical fitness and a healthy body image. Her mission is to EMPOWER and guide people on the journey to finding a prescription for total body and spiritual fitness. She is the President and Executive Director for A Better Mind and Body. Tana enjoys sharing her faith as a partner with Proverbs 31 Ministries, volunteering on the VIP guest services team at Elevation Church in Cornelius, NC and as a lead singer for the Fun Raisers, a social awareness and fund raising band.

Church Fitness Department Editor for Faith & Fitness Magazine

Rob Killen is the Church Fitness Department Editor for Faith & Fitness Magazine and a 20-year veteran in the health and fitness industry. Rob received his Bachelor’s Degree in Education from Wayland Baptist University in Texas, and his Master’s Degree in Public Administration and Nonprofit Management from George Mason University in Fairfax, VA. Rob regularly consults with health clubs, and has a passion for helping churches looking to develop fitness ministries. For any assistance in planning or growing your church fitness ministry, Rob can be reached directly through

Department Editor

Cody Sipe, Ph.D. is the 50+ department editor. He is an associate professor and Director of Clinical Research in the Physical Therapy Program at Harding University. His expertise is in fitness for older adults. He and business partner Dan Ritchie founded Breakthrough Functional Training For Older Adults, which includes online resources, consulting and a training facility in West Lafayette, Indiana.

Enliven Department Editor for Faith & Fitness Magazine

Arian T. Moore brings focus to the unique African-American needs, opportunities and initiatives within the faith and fitness culture. She was inspired to help others struggling with weight and health issues after losing over 40 pounds by seeking God through Bible reading and prayer. She is a fitness/nutrition coach and writer. Arian is the author of Enlivened by Faith: Losing Weight with God’s Help.

Character Strength Department Editor of Faith & Fitness Magazine

Kimberly Bloom is the Character Strength Department Editor of Faith & Fitness Magazine. She has over twenty years experience in early childhood development and education. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership from Anderson University and a Masters in Character Education from Regent University. She is an avid gardener and keeps active outdoors with her family.

Clinical Exercise Physiologist

Kelli Calabrese is a Clinical Exercise Physiologist with almost three decades of experience in training, writing, speaking, consulting and doing media work in the areas of fitness, nutrition, wellness, weight loss and lifestyle. She has twenty-seven certifications and specializes in encouraging people to enjoy living in divine health. She is wife of more than twenty years to Anthony and mom to Nicholas & Melina.

Fitness Trainer in Puerto Rico

Humberto Toval es un Entrenador Personal certificado por la International Sports sciences Association (ISSA) desde el año 2006 y practicante de Taekwon-Do. Además está certificado como Especialista en entrenamiento funcional y manejo de estilos de vida y control de peso. También es Maestro de Escuela Dominical y evangelista en la isla de Puerto Rico. Puedes contactarlo entrando a Humberto Toval is a licensed Fitness Trainer in Puerto Rico since 2006. He also certified as a NESTA functional training specialist, lifestyle and weight management specialist and as a mixed martial arts conditioning coach. He is an active ITF Taekwon-Do athlete and works as an independent consultant/trainer. He is also a Sunday school teacher and loves sharing the good news of salvation at his local church. You can contact him at

Co-Founder of Team VisionCast

Emily Vavra is the Co-Founder of Team VisionCast, an International team impacting world health while freeing people from physical and financial pain. Emily speaks all over the world, educating people on how to improve their health while designing their own life. She is a transformational life coach, specializing in weight loss, energy and performance, healthy aging and wealth creation. Emily believes serving God and serving others is the way to live an abundant life.

  • 0, 14 December 2017
    How powerful is your fitness? Somewhere along the way our modern culture convinced many that 'random acts of kindness' is an ideal mindset. But I’d suggest to you that it is an enlightened way of thinking for those who deny the divine. More difficult for us to come to terms with...
  • 0, 14 February 2017
    How do I love thee? Let me count the... BURPEES?! Yes!  Here is the Valentine Day bootcamp extravaganza I presented to my athletes this morning. In addition to my variation above to Elizabeth Barrett Browning's Sonnet 43, I found 5 other awesome "lovey-dovey" poems: See...
  • 1, 10 June 2015
    God gave each and every one of us a talent. God has given you talents to benefit others, not yourself and God gave other people talents that benefit you.  Whether you are a school teacher, fitness instructor, singer, accountant or a cook, God has given you your abilities to serve others....
  • 1, 01 May 2016
    It’s human nature to always want to figure out how to do something faster, easier and more efficiently. This philosophy has always been present in the minds of millions of people who want to find a faster and easier way to lose weight. We know all calories are not created equal. However I...
  • 1, 16 March 2015
    I took my two oldest grandchildren who are three and four to the YMCA recently.  My plan was to workout for forty-five minutes while they played in the childcare room.   However, when we arrived I found out that the childcare room was closed. So, I told my grandchildren that we...
  • 0, 30 January 2014
    Dropping into my seat on a plane going from Dallas to Santa Ana, CA to instruct a group of personal fitness professionals, I took a few moments to mentally scan my list ensuring I had everything fulfilled.  Kids . . . covered, dog covered, mail, clients, husband, deadlines, everything I need...
  • 0, 08 February 2014
    My journey of fitness and faith has been a crazy one that I heel to toe every single day.  I believe that it can be as simple as putting one foot in front of the other.  Sometimes I walk this path slowly, and other times I can stride it out in a strong 6-minute mile pace.  As I push...
  • 1, 21 July 2017
    Being a mom is having to constantly juggle tasks---fix lunches, prepare for work, and plan activities. Somewhere in between balancing those tasks, we also have to make time to take care of ourselves. Too often moms have to choose between their health and seeing about the health of others. Do I work...
  • 0, 02 March 2014
      I get so many emails from women who are struggling with their body image. Some suffer from a lifetime of people pleasing. Others are lifetime slaves to chronic dieting and self-restriction. Many suffer from the rebound effect that comes from forcing our feminine shape into extreme...
  • 0, 01 March 2014
      Nuestros cuerpos, obra maestra del Creador fueron hechos con una gran capacidad para adaptarse a diferentes estímulos, condiciones ambientales y estilos de vida. Esta capacidad nos permite sobrevivir a las demandas de la vida incluyendo el esfuerzo físico. De hecho al...