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Renu Fitness over 40 in Nashville focuses on working with adults over 40 to get an appropriately challenging workout adapted to their individual level. Our Raleigh location opens in 2018 with plans to expand throughout the U.S. to include dedicated training sessions with a Christian influence.

Body Is THE TEMPLE gym in South Philadelphia is a 2018 Fitness Ministry Entrepreneur Of The Year. Read what makes this ultra-urban and ethnically diverse gym THE place to get a good physical and spiritual workout.

Supernatural strength and faith. That’s Samson. We’ve never offered you a workout inspired by history’s strongest, until now! 4 movements x 6 rounds = 1 tough WOD. Go ahead, get started. Build physical and spiritual strength with this one.

Use the resources available here to share the February/March 2018 issue of Faith & Fitness Magazine in your church, gym, school, business and throughout your community.

What began as a calling and dream five years ago is now the beginning of a movement.  This movement returns health and fitness to the realm of the sacred.  It’s a movement to remind people, once again, that the body was made for the Lord, to honor and glorify Him. The 413 Fitness Club in the Chicagoland area is recognized as a 2018 Fitness...