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I like a good cup of fresh roasted coffee. How about you? Ethiopian coffee is ranked as #1. It is simply coffee the way God created it. God created you to be bold. Find out what robust faith looks like and then add some flavor to the lives of those around you.

Tomo Marjanovic is both a police officer and an NPC Classic Physique Competitor. He looks to Christ to live his faith boldly in everything he does.

Are you online or are you making an online impact? The Internet is a crowded place. Your fitness business and ministry should be too. Convert visitors to customers. Be more than a friend they like. Be the difference in their life.

There are three simple ways your gym and church can grow reach and increase impact. There’s an under-reached market that wants to be part of your community. You need to be part of theirs.

The October/November 2017 issue features a wide range of articles and other resources built around the theme Fitness HD. The resources on this page are provided as publicity tools for you to share this free magazine with others.