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Are you online or are you making an online impact? The Internet is a crowded place. Your fitness business and ministry should be too. Convert visitors to customers. Be more than a friend they like. Be the difference in their life.

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There are three simple ways your gym and church can grow reach and increase impact. There’s an under-reached market that wants to be part of your community. You need to be part of theirs.

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Myth #1: The reason people go to the gym and is to live longer and look good. If you’re wondering who could make such an assumption you may be disappointed to learn it could be the leadership of your gym. Why won’t they ask you about your spiritual needs and interests? Find out what happens when they do.

YMCA FOCUS Not every Y in the country has a chaplain. For those that do, there is evidence that the improved and consistent focus on the Christian mission delivers powerful benefits. Chaplain Matt Goebel from the Kosciusko Community YMCA offers this primer for Y's to get started.

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Faith & Fitness Magazine is coming to Minneapolis, MN for 4 days to help churches, gyms, club owners, trainers, health care providers, other professionals and fitness enthusiasts to understand the needs that are not being met by traditional fitness services and develop their own custom plan to build on opportunities for a successful business and ministry.

By Rob Killen and Brad Bloom
Fix your eyes on one beautiful body. No, we’re not talking about an actor, model or athlete from the People’s Choice Awards. We’re talking about the “body of Christ” --- Christians. Today, Christians know that worship is much more than singing praise songs. It is a total physical experience. Discover why church’s are developing fitness ministries and opening fitness facilities and why you should do it too. Get a free church fitness consultation.
By Cody Bobay, Fitness Evangelist
The church is suffering from physical and spiritual morbid-obesity and as a result people are physically dying. It is that simple. If God took your blood pressure right now, would your heart be a pleasing sacrifice to Him? To reverse this obesity epidemic in America, it really is going to take the power of Christ in all of our lives. Includes an easy 4-step solution you can initiate in your community.


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