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Character is a big word challenging us toward significance in heart, purpose and commitment. But do you hide the character qualities God wants you to share with others? I did. I’m on a spirit, soul and body journey to get into character. Join me.

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) it in 2016 with these 16 exercises that will destroy fat and jump-start your year! Watch the video for guidance on how to do all the exercises. Now HIIT it hard and send us your pictures of you doing this workout for a chance to win.

Colonel Thomas Hundley has an unyielding passion to serve his country, his fellow men and women in uniform and above all else, God, his heavenly father. 

Kendra Morlan is a senior studying Kinesiology and Health Promotion at Abilene Christian University. As one of our 2016 Top Bods On Campus she brings cheer to the lives of many and sets an example of what it means to be strong and fit.

Max Priestley represents Abilene Christian University in our 2016 Top Bods On Campus. Read about his fitness lifestyle, Christian faith and career plans.