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Autumn is here. Don't go inside yet. This is perhaps the best time of year to take your fitness outdoors with family and friends. We have eyes for five of the best ways you can have fun all season. Try on one of these colorful workouts today!

In America today there is a network of Y leaders and members that are coming together regularly to strengthen the Christian mission of the Y. Their national conference brings them together in one location to seize the day.

Chad Kirchoff built a successful business. Then he discovered God wanted to use him to build something more. He realized it was time to ReDO Fitness.Now it's time to see what you can do too.

When Kyle and Christie Duque decided to open a fitness center in Lynden, Washington they wanted to do much more than simply provide members in their community a place to exercise. 

When Andrew moved from suburban life to the farm he saw his opportunities for ‘exercise’ dwindle under the load of farm tasks. That is until he discovered the chores were actually making him fit. Get ready to center yourself mentally and get that endorphin buzz through farm inspired training. With a little hard work you too will be farming to...