What makes Faith & Fitness Magazine content unique?  It is reading that builds the body, improves health, and expands character.  But it’s more.  It is gym equipment to build the spirit, improve relationships, and expand opportunities for Christian witness.  This is a magazine that delivers quality fitness information and Christian lifestyle applications.  It provides motivation, ideas, and inspiration to individuals, groups and organizations.  A wide range of readers find the content to be on target for their personal needs and goals.  This isn’t another nutrition or muscle magazine.  This is your tool for powerful, healthy and passionate living to help you build physical and spiritual strength.
Queries:  We don’t accept unsolicited manuscripts. If you’d like to write articles or develop any kind of content for us then take some time to read the ABOUT US page and get familiar with our content. Then send a query to our executive editor Brad Bloom.  Include the following:

1. A one-paragraph summary describing the proposed article/content and a date that it could be finished.
2. Very briefly indicate how you feel your material will benefit our readers.
3. For what department(s) your material is best suited.
4. Include a short description about you.

Please make your query by Email only. It will be reviewed and you will receive a response.
Submissions: If we ask you to write or develop content for us we will proceed to discuss it with you directly and provide you with specific details. We prefer article submissions as Word attachments that include a short three or four line bio about you. Submissions to the website are on a donation basis (byline and bio as well as linking to any book, service or ministry you are involved in are compensation). Articles are automatically archived. Please double-check spelling and grammar before submitting. All articles will be edited for length, grammar, content, style and tone.
We are a visual society, so photos and videos are very important components to an article. Don’t let a lack of photos stop you from telling a compelling story, but if you don’t have them, we’ll have to find them somewhere. Two to three photos per story are a minimum.  However:  Any material that is not your own must have full credit given to the source and be used with permission or within legal standards.  You must indemnify us that your material can be printed legally and without restriction.
We have opportunities on our team for recurring "expert" columnists and department editors. Let us know if you would like to be considered for one of these positions.