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And next we’d like to welcome – YOU!

We’re pleased you’ve chosen to include Faith & Fitness Magazine as part of your Internet browsing experience today. We’ve been anticipating YOU and want you to know that this is much more than just another magazine – it is a ministry. That ministry begins with you. That’s a commitment and we take it seriously.

I just passed my personal trainer exam so now I’m ready to push on into whatever God has for me next! What you shared about recovery is so true. I now have SO much more understanding and compassion for those with injuries. Thanks for your help.  

-Trainer from Oregon

About our business…

We’re out and about doing God’s business following the example of Jesus. You’ll not only find us on the Internet, we’re in the news shaping culture, at the church training leaders, in the gyms strengthening members and among communities building services and relationships. The Internal Revenue Service recognizes us as a tax-exempt 501(c)(3)public charity. Your donations are tax-deductible. More importantly, what you give makes a difference in the lives of others.

We talked on the phone. I am the mom with the son in prison. We discussed having one of your team members speak there. I pray your magazine will continue to touch many lives and that God will make a way to get this magazine to the prison population.     

- A parent from Minnesota

Our flagship brand is Faith & Fitness Magazine. Launched in 2003 we are the most widely used resource for helping people make connections between a fit lifestyle and the Christian faith. Shout! Outdoor Lifestyle Magazine covers more kinds of outdoor activities than any other magazine all with a Christian perspective. In development is map Travel Lifestyle Magazine. Our family of brands comes together as Lifestyle Media Group to help you deeply understand how the Christian faith is an active daily lifestyle.


Accountable AND Focused

We have a board to examine what we do, advise us toward wise decisions and continually refine the focus on our mission to help people Be Life! Beyond our board, we have a team that invests both prime time and late hours around the world to create content, develop resources, organize events and serve others ranging from large groups to one-on-one.

I’m a criminal defense lawyer who loves people for a living. In my industry professionals can get jaded by life all the circumstances we regularly observe.  That is why it's so important for the love of Jesus to permeate every part of my life. Fitness is important for me to get renewed and keep my focus. Being involved with the ministry of Faith & Fitness Magazine gives me a greater ability to bring together both my love for Jesus and my personal presence in my local fitness community. A donation to this ministry is a powerful investment that is far reaching and life changing.

-Seth Doherty, lawyer, board member

 A magazine and more

We’ve identified The Top 10 Reasons To Read Faith & Fitness Magazine. However, What makes this magazine more than just a good read is the ministry we do. We consult with churches, individuals and businesses that want to do fitness ministry. We provide direct one-on-one ministry support to individuals and help them get local care. While obesity, nutrition and physical fitness are concerns we help people address, our greater focus is on areas where faith and fitness combined bring dynamic change: family growth, character strength and community engagement.

Donate, Participate, Celebrate

When you give to the ministry of Lifestyle Media Group you become part of an exciting work that strengthens lives. Use our secure Lifestyle Media Group PayPal page to make a one time or monthly recurring individual gift. You, your church or business can also join with us in ministry by becoming a sponsor or advertiser.


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