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If you recently stumbled across Faith & Fitness Magazine as you browse the Internet you may be wondering what all this resource offers. For those of you who read each bi-monthly issue regularly you may have never fully assessed what makes this a truly one-of-a-kind magazine. So, here it is

  • the main features
  • the key selling points
  • the core competencies
  • the bells and whistles
  • … the Top 10 Reasons To Read Faith & Fitness Magazine!

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#10 - It is your SINGLE SOURCE for all the latest fitness resources that strengthen faith in God.

We’re intentionally not part of a particular church denomination, a division of some national organization, business or gym, or dedicated to promoting a certain professional, personality, program or ideology. You’ll find a wide range of faces, ideas, books/videos/other resources, exercises, equipment and more. We make it easy for you to learn about ALL of them. AND we give you a more in-depth look. Convenience, variety and a laser focus on what matters to you.


#9 – We’re a non-profit ministry. It’s FREE!

And it has been since we first started in 2003. Don’t look for a subscription fee – there isn’t one. With hundreds of articles online you not only have access to a lot of free content but you can share it with others at no cost.  It isn’t just ‘free’ content, it is thoughtfully crafted content presented well. We bring together some of the best in fitness and faith to provide you with insight, instruction and inspiration. Our designers, photographers and developers make it look great and work well.

How do we do all that for free? We keep our focus and commitment on doing ministry. Sure, we’re a media company, but we’re a media company – that does ministry. We have a keen attention to be directed by God’s purpose and leading. That is a business model that our advertisers and partners embrace and to which they give. Look for the DONATE button and you can give regularly too.

You can give confidently knowing that the Internal Revenue Service recognizes us as a 501(c)(3) non-profit. Beyond that our board provides oversight, monitoring our activity and giving us guidance. We recognize that we’re not just stewards of funds that people give but more importantly of a ministry that belongs to God and a purpose that deserves our greatest commitment to excellence. Being a partner in this ministry gives you more than an opportunity to support our budget financially, you can participate in positively impacting lives.


#8 – We have something for everyone in your family and community of friends. 

There are so many departments to choose: Women’s Interest, Men’s Interest, 50+, Nutrition, College Fitness, Training, Culture and more. We even have a department for the whole FAMILY.  Diversity is one of our strengths. You’ll see that reflected in some of our newest departments.

Enliven delivers resources for ethnically diverse communities. Church Fitness supports fitness ministry initiatives. Gardening empowers those that don’t just want to eat food – they want to grow it too. You can feel good about telling all your contacts about Faith & Fitness Magazine.

We help you celebrate diversity through both your daily fitness activities and your personal faith commitment. Dig into our pages and you'll find plenty of resources for you and those you call family and friends.


#7 – This is your place to NETWORK with a growing COMMUNITY of like-minded ACTIVE people.

Everyday more readers are making new friends, sharing ideas, working together and strengthening their families and communities by using Faith & Fitness Magazine. Start growing your own personal network of friends today by interacting with other readers through the magazine’s Facebook page and other social media, posting comments on article pages in the magazine, interacting with our contributors through our Live Chat tool and inviting people in your gym, church and community to also get involved in this community “network” at faithandfitness.NET(work)


#6 – You get one-of-a-kind engaging content that will expand your vision and challenge you to grow.

We ask our contributors to dig deeper. You don’t need a Bible verse put in front of you just because it sounds good. The Bible has greater value to your spiritual growth when it’s part of a more expository conversation. We regularly get inquiries by some really great people that want to share some of their research, insight and perspectives on “spirituality”. We respect them and know that our world is full of diverse people and thoughts. However, our focus is to help you make connections between the fitness lifestyle and the Christian faith. To do that well, we do that singularly. Narrow and boring? Not at all!

We talk about the things that are important to you because we want to help you build both physical and spiritual strength. We bring you fresh, authentic and engaged people who shatter the stereotypes often used to negatively define Christians, their faith and the God they serve as stodgy, uninformed and careless about their place in society. The people we feature bring focus and yet make it fun. We know fitness and faith don’t have staying power if you’re not really enjoying it. But beyond fun - plan on getting in a good workout too --- physically and spiritually. There is a difference between fun and fluff. You want to be engaged to go further, harder, faster, stronger, better and ‘fun-er’! We deliver the content to help you do that. How?

We deliver what others won’t. You’ll be hard pressed to find a “Christian magazine” that digs into hot topics like we do. HIV, physical abuse, social concerns, sexuality and yep even pious ignorance, useless works and selfish motives – When we help Christians mature in faith THEN we’ve done part of our job. The other part happens when we venture way beyond where those daring fitness magazines think they’re pushing the edge. Some of the nation’s top photographers shoot some of the world’s most accomplished fitness models and athletes for Faith & Fitness Magazine to take “provocative” to a whole new level.

Our approach is to provoke fitness enthusiast to think differently, see beyond the physique, examine their attitudes and challenges from God’s perspective and understand how their spirit not just their physical body can be transformed.


#5 – It’s online AND in print.

We have an EcoPrint Edition. So, when you want a paper magazine in your hands - you’ve got it. In fact the unique design of our EcoPrint Edition makes it environmentally friendly (good stewardship of natural resources) and innovative using QR code technology to make it highly engaging for use with mobile devices. This makes it possible to offer you a highly-affordable print edition that can be broadly distributed to churches, gyms, health care providers, businesses, homes and at events in your area – right where you live.

Why “magazine”? It’s an old word with a newly relevant meaning. The origin of this late 16th century term literally means ‘storehouse’. Today, you’ll see our magazine stores plenty: videos, music, audio, printable tools, events, contacts, ideas and lots of passion.

Order bulk quantities of the EcoPrint Edition for placement throughout your community. CONTACT US to place your company, church, ministry or individual banner above the masthead of our magazine cover and sponsor the next 10,000+ copy print run of our EcoPrint Edition.


#4 – It’s your tool for powerful, healthy and passionate living.

If you limit “faith and fitness” to just saying a prayer before exercise, listing to praise and worship songs during a workout, or reading a Bible passage to inspire your diet then you’re missing your greater potential. Our ministry is called Lifestyle Media Group for a reason. This is a lifestyle. “Don’t settle for less” isn’t a catch phrase for hyped motivation to us, it is our encouraging admonition for you to pursue after the full and effective power of God. While healthy certainly means getting and staying well, being less stressed and pursuing long life, God wants it to be much more --- vibrancy in the now, high energy from spiritual enthusiasm and a reshaped capacity to age with anticipation. We believe God has planted a powerful seed of passion within you. We want to help you fuel it to grow strong.

We’re here to shape the fitness culture with a Christian faith perspective.  That means we drive hard, do research and propose innovations to truly help improve the way the fitness industry does business. We present at conferences, consult with gyms and churches, produce events and help define how people view God through their fitness lifestyle. We help Christians do fitness ministry by helping them make a key transition from a faith-based perspective to a faith-centered paradigm.


#3 – Our local editions help you to be locally active.

God’s mega-design for the church is simple --- literally a simple church model where small group fellowship can flourish. Many successful businesses pattern after that design. Faith & Fitness Magazine looks nationally even globally to bring you experts, ideas, inspiration, instruction and everyday people living their story. Good reading? Sure it is. However, the idea is to equip and empower you to grow the faith and fitness culture in your local area.

We’re cultivating local editions of the magazine. Find the one closest to you. Our local teams bring you stories, news, services, events and more all from your local area. Local editions support something much bigger – local communities where you can fellowship, collaborate and innovate to build a physically and spiritually stronger community. CONTACT US to find out how you can be part of this local initiative.


#2 – But wait, There’s more.

OK, so either you’re interested in learning more about fitness or you’re already a big fan of the fitness lifestyle. Either way, you’re sure to find a wealth of fresh content that is right for you in Faith & Fitness Magazine. But, there’s more to you than fitness so there’s more to us as well. Lifestyle Media Group also produces Shout! Outdoor Lifestyle Magazine. If you think this magazine is cool then wait until you discover all that we have for you there.

We have the most diverse outdoor magazine on the planet. You’ll likely find your favorite outdoor activities are being covered and you’ll most certainly find others living life outdoors in ways that you’ve not yet discovered. Whatever direction you explore you’ll see our objective is the same – We help people connect outdoor lifestyle interests with the Christian faith. You’ll find other things to be the same too. It is free, online, in an EcoPrint Edition format, shaping culture, exclusive content… you get the idea. Shout! Outdoor Lifestyle Magazine will help you Pursue, Explore, Celebrate.

Beyond that – in development is map Travel Lifestyle Magazine. We’re working to get that area of your life covered too.

It’s a family of magazines and an even larger community. Find your place and then be bold enough to venture further.


#1 – Don’t just live life better - Be Life!

The top #1 reason to read Faith & Fitness Magazine isn’t so that YOU can gain strength, lose weight, live longer, feel better, look great or get closer to God. That is all good but it falls short of your total potential. You’ve seen the many highly motivating and inspirational slogans out there: Live life adventurously, Get Pumped, Live Strong, make every moment count, Expand Your Mind – Change Your World, live your life to the fullest … The general idea is to help you GET more out of life. Our ministry is to help you Be Life to others. It is this other-minded approach that is the defining difference you’ll gain when you regularly read.

We’re glad to have you as a reader. You’re part of a community that is making a difference in the lives of others on many levels. Next, subscribe to our free newsletter service so you can get updates delivered direct to your email. Then tell your contacts about us. Use our CONTACT link to connect with us directly. We want to hear from you and support you.

Our DONATE link gives you access to information and tools so you can give. So, now that you’ve read the top 10 reasons to read Faith & Fitness Magazine take a moment and ask yourself, “What is my reason for reading?” Now return to our HOME PAGE. Bookmark it. Then get started reading your tool for powerful, healthy and passionate living.

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    Brad Bloom is the publisher of Faith & Fitness Magazine and Shout! Outdoor Lifestyle Magazine. He is president of Lifestyle Media Group, a ministry that develops content to help you connect your daily lifestyle with the Christian faith. You can use the CONTACT US form to schedule him to speak at your church, organization, group, community gathering or event.

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