By Lauren McBride
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Women have a lot of responsibilities to juggle throughout the day. With all of our roles and the hats we wear, it is important for us to take time to nurture our mind, body and soul so we can become the best version of ourselves. When we are at our best we are ready to conquer the day. I do life coaching, fitness modeling and more. I can be a very busy woman as well and have to work hard at creating balance in my life while focusing on God through it all. Here are some tips I have for you to help you stay happy and healthy while keeping God at the center of your crazy busy journey.




Stretching, whether relating to your muscles or your limits is necessary in our lives to help us improve and become better versions of ourselves; allowing us the chance to go beyond our limits. Take 10 minutes every day to stretch your muscles and when you feel God stretching you in your life maybe to the point of discomfort, stop and breathe and know that in the long run it will make you a better person.

Just as lifting weights is good for our bodies, lifting and encouraging others is good for our heart and our soul. So often we get caught up in our own personal world that we don’t take the time to speak seeds of love and encouragement into those around us. Take the time to give a stranger a smile, pray for a friend in need, or give a few words of support and inspiration to a loved one. The benefit of this type of lifting far exceeds stronger muscles.

It is so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day stresses of to-do lists, obligations, deadlines, etc. that we forget to give ourselves the time to refresh, rejuvenate and restore our minds. Take a “water break” during the day to stop, say a prayer, breathe and come back to the moment and what’s most important. The busyness of life can leave us parched and we are thirsty for God so give yourself a time to refresh in Him throughout the day. Taking that little mental break can actually make you more effective throughout the rest of the day.



Did you know that laughter can boost the immune system? Spending time laughing and having fun with friends is actually good for your health! Neglecting our friendships beyond occasional encounters is too easy to do when your agenda is full, but having fellowship with others is God’s desire for us so call up your good friends and plan a fun day or night together.

Nutrition is the biggest component of being fit and healthy. Our bodies are designed to eat whole, natural, organic, God-made foods yet time crunches can lead us to drive-throughs, on the go bars or skipping meals all together. My favorite trick to eating right during the week is to spend 2-3 hours in the kitchen on the weekend cooking for the week with good music. Preparation is key to eating healthy during the week so make it an enjoyable and weekly event. This adjustment to your lifestyle may feel time consuming at first, however improving your diet can add years to your life, which is well worth a little more time in the kitchen! 

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God has made us women to be beautiful and we need to celebrate that beauty without guilt or shame. With so many things we juggle in one day there seems to be little time for rest and yet beauty is within rest. Taking 30 minutes for a bubble bath at the end of the day, to put on a goopy green face mask, to sleep-in a little later on a weekend morning, or to put a little extra time into our appearance is not a selfish thing to do. Embrace and nurture the beautiful woman God has made you to be.

We all know, the more time and effort we put into our training in the gym the more benefit we see in our bodies; we get stronger, more defined and healthier. If we neglect our bodies, our muscles atrophy; we accumulate unwanted fat and are ultimately less healthy. Spending time with God works in a similar way. It is a daily necessity to spend time with Him in order to keep our relationship strong and healthy, so we don’t start accumulating unwanted things in our lives. Time in the Bible is like a workout with God --- the benefits are eternal.



Lauren McBride Is a life coach, personal trainer, holistic nutrition specialist and fitness model based in Arizona. To learn more about her and access more of her resources go to her website.

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