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By Brad Bloom

To build good routines it helps to know the defining qualities. Like preparing for a race, these ‘routine’ characteristics are evident in a good physical workout, an intentional lifestyle and in the very core of our spiritual design – your faith. Start your exploration of this new magazine issue here.

by Erik Akutagawa, Jonathan Evans and Alex Lopiccolo

Men have a desire to be “super” in the eyes of others. If you want that “massive”, inverted-pyramid, V-shaped look you’re going to have to work for it. Deliver a passionate embrace and show off the nature of God that is built within you.
By Phil Black

The folks who run the American Dental Association must be marketing geniuses. Tooth brushing is such a part of a child’s routine. Our family has developed a way to make exercise and faith a regular part of our evening routine. Imagine children and parents squeezing but a few exercises together, brushing up on some Bible reading all in conjunction with good oral hygiene.
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