By Krista Kauffman


With a vision to help people become fit to serve God and each other, Coach Tim Powers asks the question: Are you committed to doing everything you can to achieve physical and spiritual fitness for the rest of your life? His 2009 book Fit To Serve is a road map for the process. It gives sound instruction on workout basics, body composition, nutrition and advanced training. Powers stresses obedience to God in every step of physical fitness. The 2010 issues of Faith & Fitness Magazine will feature an exclusive series of articles specially prepared by Coach Powers. Five readers will be selected to get personal coaching for the series.

I met Coach Powers as he sprinted toward me on the last of his uphill one hundred-yard sprints. I asked “Why are you so dedicated to such a grueling workout?” He cheerfully responded, “Sprints for me are church; they are when I feel closest to God.”
Powers’ physical fitness journey has been extensive and thrilling. Since 1982, Coach Tim Powers has presented more than 2000 sports and fitness related programs, clinics, seminars and camps, nationally and internationally. He has trained and inspired more than 200,000 individuals. His lifetime of experience has brought him to work with trained individuals and teams like the Navy Seals, NFL teams, MLB teams, police forces from the US and Australia, and NASCAR pit crews. Coach Powers’ calling is to see people turn their physical and spiritual bodies completely over to God. Doing that they can have the energy and vitality necessary to do the work God has called them to do. As Coach Powers says, “Our bodies are important to God because, with them, we carry out our mission assignments to further a greater purpose.”

In the first chapter of Fit To Serve, Coach Powers calls the reader to action and accountability. Using the Bible, he makes the case that fitness is not about self-gratification; it’s about obedience to God.
If Powers had just one idea to communicate to you for your fitness journey, it would be: “Be Consistent”! He says that most people have the knowledge to become physically fit: potato chips are bad and apples are good. “What most people do not have is the wisdom to apply that knowledge”, he explains. He says the shocking statistic is that the average person’s exercise program lasts only three weeks. That’s about enough time to get sore muscles and buy some over-priced sneakers that will sit in your closet for years. Coach Powers’ call to responsibility gives readers the motivation to live a lifestyle of health and fitness.

He offers a lifetime of knowledge on topics that will strategically assist you on your way to wellness which include:
- Cardio-vascular/respiratory exercise
- Developing muscular/skeletal strength and power
- Maintaining joint flexibility and body elasticity
- Achieving a health balance between body and fat lean mass
- Engaging in realistic nutrition
- Get proper rest, restoration and sleep
- Don’t worry, be happy and have joy

Faith & Fitness Magazine brings an exclusive series of articles to readers in 2010. In all six issues Powers will challenge you to do what it takes to reach your maximum potential for God. Through the magazine he will interact with readers and respond to some of your questions. Combined with his book and Fit To Serve seminars, which can be scheduled for your church or organization he will dare you and those in your community to aim high. Go to his website to order his book and schedule a seminar.

We received a tremendous response from readers. Five have been selected to receive a free copy of the book Fit To Serve and personal coaching. Their year-long coaching experience with Coach Powers will be documented in Faith & Fitness Magazine. You will get to follow their journey throughout our 2010 issues. Watch for more offers and events coming soon.

Krista Kauffman is a freelance writer. She and her husband live in Cleveland, TN. Go to Coach Powers’ website for more information and to order his book.

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