by Brad Bloom

GYMNOS – Fitness Scenarios for Self-Examination


Gymnos is the Greek origin of our modern-day word Gym. It means “naked.” GYMNOS is a regular feature in Faith & Fitness Magazine to challenge you. In the literal sense, when you are naked in the locker room there is nothing to hide. That makes most people uncomfortable. Use this scenario to get naked spiritually—be honest, transparent, undisguised and willing to be totally open with yourself and others.

Sam was determined. No one could question that.

Her metabolism just didn’t make it easy to lose weight or keep it off. With a whole schedule of summer activities just a couple of months away, she was committed to “the new you” that she knew she could become. Sam had decide to find a new freedom in life which for her meant that she needed to quit trying to fulfill everyone’s expectations. No longer was she going to try and be the super mom, ultra-volunteer and office-warrior all rolled into one. She got a membership to a local fitness club that was nice, clean and offered a comfortable environment.

She created a vision of where she wanted to be. Buying a summer wardrobe, she hung it conspicuously in her bedroom to motivate her. She gained the support of her husband Jeff, along with her co-workers, personal trainer and even her pastor.

It wasn’t long and everyone could start seeing results. Sam’s pace on the elliptical machine was feverishly fast. Her friends at the gym tried to keep pace with her for as long as they could. She became her trainer’s trophy, showing incredible progress in a relatively short time. Those at work found Samantha to be an inspiring new source of motivation. Even those at church found her passionate spirit to bring greater joy to their weekly gathering.

Jeff noticed the dramatic transformation most. He really liked what he was seeing. Her positive attitude had an amazing effect on his daily outlook and activities. Even better, they were discovering a new intimacy in their marriage. It almost seemed too good to be real.

Which is exactly what Sam’s friend Trisha was thinking one day in the gym locker room when she walked by Sam’s open locker. She stared in shock at Sam’s supply of diet pills, fat burners, energy drinks and metabolism boosters. How much garbage did she have in there she wondered. Surely her husband knew. Maybe she was taking it with her doctor’s or trainer’s advice.



Where do you draw the line between pursuing good and going overboard?
What are the risks if Trisha keeps quiet or if she takes responsibility for what she has discovered? What would you do?
What role can Sam’s relationships play in this story?
What is the importance of resting in God?

*All characters in this scenario are fictional. Any similarity to an actual person is coincidental.


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