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Tomo Marjanovic is both a police officer and an NPC Classic Physique Competitor. He looks to Christ to live his faith boldly in everything he does.

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You can win a championship or achieve success in academics or business—whatever your dream is—and still know there’s something missing. Shawn Maves’ story can help you see the greater vision. Don’t miss anything.

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Michael Wittig plays bass for the Christian hard rock band Pillar. He also works hard in the gym building a chiseled physique and a strong brand. See how he brings fitness and faith together to help people achieve their goals. READ NOW.

This is the story of two Catholic priests being a witness for Christ helping priests to eat clean, be fit, and pray well. It is a Fitser Upper story that can inspire all of us to come together to support and love each other. Being connected and having awareness is not enough. God calls every person to reach out and tell those around them – You are not alone. READ ALL 5 PAGES.

Sure you can get Faith & Fitness Magazine on your laptop, tablet or phone in California, Maine, Georgia or any other state. But did you know you can also get it in Ghana too.  That's Ghana, West Africa. A group of motivated Christians aren't just reading it there, they are answering God's call to do fitness ministry. Get your global mindset activated and check this out.

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Time to plan a summer vacation --- like no other! You've heard about fitness vacations. This is one you'll want to do again and again. Come on and check out what we have growing in our garden for you this season! BOOK YOUR RESERVATION TODAY.

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When it comes to natural bodybuilding Ron Williams takes the prize. In fact he’s taken the prize more than 250 times. Along the way he’s earned a greater reward --- a stronger faith and an opportunity to positively impact the lives of others. It’s what happens when you’re living for Jesus NATURALLY.

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What motivates men in the gym, drives them to excel at work and pushes them to outdo their best? Men are discovering their greatest potential lies in humbly seeking God. They share here about the character qualities that make them strong. [MULTI-PAGE STORY]

MEN'S INTEREST Do you believe in miracles? Think they can happen today? If one happened in your life would you dare tell others about it? Wayne found that being in your best physical condition isn’t good enough when you need a miracle. When you get one don’t keep it to yourself.

TWIN CITIES EDITION How could losing over 100 pounds change your life and even SAVE your life? 
Minnesota based Crown College Bible professor, Dennis Ingolfsland tells his story of losing weight and finding his life again.


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