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Kim Dolan Leto wants to challenge you stop looking back with regret, fear, and second guesses. Instead she says that you need to look forward passionately with a vision that only God can give you. 

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Choosing a movie to see shouldn't be difficult and frustrating. However, when you get too busy, over-committed and crowd out that pause time with God then even simple things can become overwhelming. Pastor Josh Reich, shares how he rediscovered breathing room and offers guidance so you can stress less and live more.

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Kim Dolan Leto may be a fitness model but what she really likes to model is her life in Christ. In her book F.I.T. – 10 Steps To Your Faith Inspired Transformation, she helps women to be healthy, happy and fit. This excerpt addresses the importance of having a new mindset in Christ. It includes a link to a free chapter download from her book.

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