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Renu Fitness over 40 in Nashville focuses on working with adults over 40 to get an appropriately challenging workout adapted to their individual level. Our Raleigh location opens in 2018 with plans to expand throughout the U.S. to include dedicated training sessions with a Christian influence.

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Another year brings the cycle of messages like, "Try this secret diet its 'the one'". We're told a certain program or exercise is what we've been missing to have true success in taking care of our health and maybe dropping a few pounds. This year try something completely different, start from the inside first. Establish a proper foundation and you'll be on a different track that will sustain all you want to build.

Mission Ignition is the largest gathering in North America that brings together key YMCA leaders and staff for the purpose of strengthening the Christian mission of the Y.

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For musician Michael W. Smith, the best thing about training with one of the nation’s top coach's is the prayer. We met with him training at the Tennessee Titan’s camp to see the role fitness plays in his life. A tough workout, a conversation about grace- based performance: Michael W. Smith is strong – and his God is sovereign strong.

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NUTRITION   Making meals can become mundane and dull. Shelly and Taylor Gibbons have just the solution and their here to help you make your next meail healthy, vibrant and fresh. That will help your spiritual well-being too. INCLUDES 2 RECIPES.

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NUTRITION  When you think of spicy food you think of an intense experience and then some. Good news – experts have found a variety of health benefits. You’ll find full flavor in God’s Great Spice Rack. We’ll get you started with two tasty recipes.

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