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Are you online or are you making an online impact? The Internet is a crowded place. Your fitness business and ministry should be too. Convert visitors to customers. Be more than a friend they like. Be the difference in their life.

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David Boudia and Steele Johnson won silver at the Rio Olympic Games. David's book, Greater Than Gold, tells his inspiring journey from lost to found. Now inspired by faith and fired by a new purpose, Boudia is ready to see how God writes his future.

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Americans have become too busy to sleep, and we’re suffering the consequences. If we don’t take time to just sit before God and meditate on His goodness, we might spin our wheels and accomplish nothing. This excerpt is from Michelle Medlock Adam’s women’s devotional, Love & Care For The One And Only You.

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Dirty Dancing meets John the Baptist. OK, actually this ministry isn’t that “in-your-face”. But if you know someone who is a stripper or someone who just seems too obsessed with their body then this is worth checking out.

YMCA FOCUS Not every Y in the country has a chaplain. For those that do, there is evidence that the improved and consistent focus on the Christian mission delivers powerful benefits. Chaplain Matt Goebel from the Kosciusko Community YMCA offers this primer for Y's to get started.

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