By Brad Bloom

Call him a coach, dad, mentor or friend. The image of a man guiding children in physical growth and spiritual wisdom reflects the very essence of what it is to be human. All of us are wired to learn and to instruct. Through this process some of the most accomplished athletes and spiritual guides have excelled and lead with discipline.
Do you have the discipline to lose weight, get more active, improve your health and build muscle to look and feel better? Most people feel they don’t have what it takes to make the changes they need and desire. Do you have the discipline to act with wisdom, resist temptation, pursue God and show boundless compassion and grace? Most people believe that being theologically literate and living a life immersed in faith is impossible except for a select few.
Before you think about how much discipline you want or how much more discipline someone says you should have, consider first simply being a disciple. Jesus didn’t ask the 12 disciples to do anything more then, “Follow me”. He was the teacher and they were the students.
Go to the MetroFlex gym in Arlington, Texas and you can workout with more professional bodybuilders than any other gym in the world. It is a “hardcore training facility” where the owner and teacher, Brian Dobson, says, “I’ve been anointed by God to find, build and create champions.” People don’t go here for a fun and invigorating workout. This is “take up your cross and follow me” tough. At MetroFlex you’ll find very ardent believers in demanding physical punishment. It is punishment designed to teach discipline. Brian’s disciples exercise more than muscles, they exercise their will and choose to make training a big part of their life.
Across the country others are choosing to bring the life and presence of Jesus Christ to the Y. This national organization has some leaders and members that don’t just identify with Christian values. They have a spiritual rebirth burned into their life and know that social responsibility, youth development and healthy living are achieved when people have their spiritual needs met and gain an eternal worldview. They have the discipline to make the Christian faith a vibrant part of the Y experience and work to integrate God into every aspect of their life.
These are just two examples of discipline you’ll find in this issue of Faith & Fitness Magazine. Being fit requires more than physical exercise. Identify and understand the spiritual megathemes that are shaping today’s culture. Then yield your will and be humble so that you can truly grow in knowledge, wisdom and spiritual character. When you run the race of life you do it with others. It requires discipline. It requires you to be a disciple. What will you learn today?
Train strong in Christ,
-Brad Bloom, Publisher
Brad Bloom is the publisher of Faith & Fitness Magazine the premier source of information, ideas and networking for those pursuing an active physical and spiritual life. He provides leadership to organizations and churches that recognize that growth comes by fueling the passion of members and delivering genuine “intimate care”. He helps businesses to move beyond the cliché concepts of “body, mind, spirit” and become innovative communities. His concepts are defining new directions for the lifestyle industry. A communicator and media producer, Brad is president of Lifestyle Media Group. He lives with his wife and children in the Chesapeake Bay area of Virginia.

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