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Independence Day is a special time of year because it’s the one national holiday that is most often associated with the summer. This means picnics, barbecues, cookouts, Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest and nightly fireworks celebrations around the country. Who doesn’t love Independence Day? For 2014, our Independence Day happens to fall on a Friday, which couldn’t be better, as we can celebrate our independence on a long holiday weekend. When you think about it, shouldn’t we celebrate Independence Day on the first Friday of every July, instead of on July 4th? This would give everyone a 3 day weekend every year! Besides, we already have two holidays that signal the start and end of the summer months for many of us. Memorial Day and Labor Day are both always celebrated on a Monday. I say we should always have Independence Day celebrated on a Friday! We’re already up late celebrating with fireworks. Let’s start a petition to get this done. While we’re at it, let’s all jump on board to end daylight savings time, since it serves no purpose other than having it pitch black outside at 5 pm for part of the year.

Independence Day is much more than barbecues, picnics and shooting fireworks. Independence Day is an official federal holiday commemorating our independence from Great Britain, as written in the Declaration of Independence and adopted by the Continental Congress on July 4, 1776. Today this holiday is more often referred to as the 4th of July. If we observed Independence Day on the first Friday in July every year perhaps this holiday might take on a different meaning for many Americans.

As we celebrate our country’s independence in 2014, let us not forget that our independence is due to the freedoms and liberties we have today. These freedoms and liberties have come with a steep price, with many men and women giving their lives in order for us to have a free America.

The most important person to ever walk the earth also gave His life for us. He died to cleanse all mankind of all sins forever. When we celebrate Independence Day this year, let us remember to always keep our dependence on God and His Son. Everything we have comes from God…our bodies, mind, intelligence, skills, abilities, compassion and love all starts and ends with God. We can live in peace and experience true joy and freedom today because Jesus died on the cross to repent for all the sins of the world. Let’s celebrate our nation’s independence by also celebrating our dependence on Christ. We can accomplish this without a petition, regardless of whether or not Independence Day is changed to a Friday.

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