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We help readers make strong connections between the Christian faith and the fitness lifestyle. It is your tool for powerful, healthy, and passionate living.

This is the flagship brand started in 2004 by Lifestyle Media Group. Founded by Brad Bloom, we've grown to be an energetic network of thinkers, communicators, and media developers all with a passion to inspire and motivate people to do more than live life fully. Sure, it's great to be healthy, experience adventure and live life abundantly and to the max. It is human nature to want that. But - you know there is a nature still deeper in you that desires even more. We believe that is God calling you to not just live life but to BE LIFE, the very essence and expression of God, to others.

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Back in 2003 I saw a posting on that read, “Does anyone know if there is a fitness magazine available that I can feel good about having in my home?” The person posting the message went on to explain how many of the magazines often have good fitness content. However, they are borderline soft porn (well maybe not even border-line or soft) and they cover sex topics --- lots of sex topics from a very secular point of view. Not quite what you would want your child to see or what you would have sitting next to your Bible on the coffee table.

The initial question proved to be a catalyst into my own personal research effort. The conclusion was a resounding, “No! There isn’t much out there.”
That led to much deeper questions. Could such a magazine, if it existed, be more than an alternative? What would it include if it truly articulated the values (and quite honestly the progressive concepts) of the Christian faith? How could it be dynamic, relevant, and truly captivating to both the regular reader and the casually curious?

This quest has allowed me to meet people nationwide – even worldwide that have been asking the same questions. They are discovering or already practicing a fitness lifestyle. They are involved in sports. They care about their health and the well being of their family and friends. Most of all --- they are passionate about their faith!
Passion is both dangerous and powerful. It is dangerous to be passionate in a world of conformity, political correctness, majority rule, and compromise. I don’t plan to compromise. Faith is more than a self-induced trance that scientists have discovered contributes to better health. AND it is a lot more than a conservative mind-set that can be used to get people in church.

Faith is powerfully real. Yet most everyone has a limited experience of faith. That is why I think you’ll find Faith & Fitness Magazine and other lifestyle media that we develop like Shout! Outdoor Lifestyle Magazine to be dynamic resources to help you connect faith with your daily lifestyle. Our intent is not to dictate to you our interpretation of the Bible but rather to invite and challenge you to explore it and personally seek God.

There is nothing complicated, difficult, or bizarre about making the connections. Rather, as you do it (and I invite you to begin now) you’ll discover that this is living the way you knew it was meant to be.

-Brad Bloom, Publisher