An interview with Kylie Bisutti
All photos provided by Kylie Bisutti, her agent or adapted from Kylie’s website. Wedding photos copyright Chris Schmitt Photography. Blue dress and grey sweater photos copyright Nicolaas de Bruin Photography. All other photos copyright by their respective owners. Used by permission of Kylie Bisutti.
Kylie Bisutti used to be a Victoria’s Secret Angel. As a successful supermodel for the women’s clothing and lingerie company she had achieved what many consider to be the ultimate in success. But, she found that her career clashed with her personal faith in God. Going to church on Sunday and professing a faith in Jesus Christ while doing, as she characterizes, sexually provocative modeling throughout the week was a conflict for her. She also felt that her marriage with her husband Mike deserved more. She decided that honoring God happens in the daily routine. Her story inspires girls, women and couples. Her message is that God wants to use everyone to be an example of His goodness.
Watch the ABC News Good Morning America VIDEO interview with Kylie Bisutti. We’ve added it to our Lifestyle Media Group YouTube channel in our Faith & Fitness Magazine playlist.
Faith & Fitness Magazine: In your ABC News Good Morning America interview you mention that you’ve grown in your faith. What does it mean to you to grow in your faith? What has the Bible taught you about being a role model and your public presence?

Kylie Bisutti: To grow in my faith to me means to grow in my relationship with the Lord and to grow in my understanding and practice of His Word. The more that I read the Bible, the more I grow to love His grace, and the more faith I have. The Bible has taught me so much about being the right kind of role model for other girls and women. It has shown me how to honor God with my body, career choices and heart. 

Faith & Fitness Magazine: After your decision there was talk that your husband may have pressured you or at the very least used faith to limit your career. Describe the conversations you and he had prior to your decision. How do you feel a wife and husband should work together as a team and how that shapes decisions a couple makes. How can a husband support his wife to celebrate her beauty, to pursue her vocation and to ultimately be an asset to her as the one who loves her most?

Kylie Bisutti: My husband didn't pressure me at all to make the decision that I made. He was steadfast in prayer and faithful to God. He loved me like Christ loves the church. He loved me even though I was doing things that hurt him. This is what we, as sinners, do to Christ all the time but He still shows us love. Before I quit [modeling lingerie] I would ask my husband if what I was doing was wrong. He would ask, "How would you feel if I looked at other women in their lingerie other than you? A lot of women's husbands are looking at you in a way that would hurt you if I were the one doing it." Him saying that helped me realize what kind of person I was being.
I think husbands and wives should work together as a team with Christ at the center of that team, making decisions that are Bible-based. My husband has always celebrated my inner beauty rather than my outer and I think that this is so important. He puts value in my heart, which is where Christ puts value and [what He] finds beautiful. A husband who loves his wife as Christ loves the church is the best partner a wife can have in life.
Faith & Fitness Magazine: Your decision to stop modeling for Victoria’s Secret was based in part on your desire to not be “selling sex”. Sex is however in fact a very significant aspect of God’s human design and spiritual plan. What message do you and your husband have to share on this topic and how do you feel Christians can better portray sex and positively shape culture?

Kylie Bisutti: Anything that is meant to be a beautiful and wonderful creation from God, the world will take and try to pervert it. Sex is supposed to be an intimate thing shared only by husband and wife, but the media and world are trying to steal that design away from us. Christians should be more discerning with the types of movies that they promote or fill their minds with. They should be more serious about the negative effects that the media has on children and teach them about God's design for sex before movies, friends, teachers, and celebrities do. 

Faith & Fitness Magazine: What role does physical fitness play in your life? Describe your workouts and diet. Can you have your cake and eat it too? What activities do you and your husband do together?

Kylie Bisutti: We believe that taking care of yourself is very important and that what you put into your body affects you. We keep away, for the most part, from artificial foods and genetically modified foods. Artificial flavor, color, sweetener --- you name it, we don't eat it or drink it. We eat a diet full of meat, dairy, fruits and veggies. We stay away from over-processed sweets, soy, and anything "fake". We harvest most of the meat that we eat. So it is free of hormones and steroids, unlike much of the meat in grocery stores.

As far as working out goes, we are both athletes, so if it involves a ball or a racquet we are most likely doing it. We love to hike, swim, and kayak. For the most part, all of our workouts are done outside the home or gym!
PUBLISHER’S NOTE: We’re going to work on an outdoor feature story with Mike and Kylie for Shout! Outdoor Lifestyle Magazine . We’ll update the link here when it is available.

Faith & Fitness Magazine: Models have a reputation of being very body conscious. Do you feel you keep your priorities, thinking and attitudes in order? What has God showed you and what lessons have you learned that helps you as a woman have a positive and sustainable attitude about your body?

Kylie Bisutti: I have come a long way in this area. I used to have my priorities and attitudes way off-balance. God has shown me that if I place too much value in my appearance I will be insecure and miserable. Once I began placing more value in Him and the things He loves about me, I found confidence and security. I have learned that I was made in His image and that he finds beauty in the attitudes of my heart. Those are the things that I should be working on every day (not my outer appearance).
So I began focusing on how I could be a more humble, kind, caring, God-centered person and I stopped focusing on dying my hair, putting on loads of makeup, and over-exercising or calorie counting. I became so much happier and positive and finally became secure in the way I look.
Faith & Fitness Magazine: In what ways do you and your husband minister to people?

Kylie Bisutti: We really believe that our mission field [to serve others] is in our marriage. By God's grace we have a great relationship together. We have counseled people who were having trouble in their marriages and we hold marriage retreats at our home twice every year where as many as twelve couples come to go through the scriptures together and learn about how we can all honor God in our marriages. We feel God gives people different gifts in which they can minister. He allows us to have a marriage that shows Him to others.

Faith & Fitness Magazine: What do you find fun and enjoyable about modeling? In what ways do modeling and your career give you the opportunity to draw people to God?

Kylie Bisutti: The thing I enjoy about being a model is all of the little girls that I get to meet. I can now, by God's grace be a good role model to them. Modeling gives me a chance to meet girls who so badly want to be a model when they grow-up. It gives me the opportunity to share my story of faith with them. I also get to help girls in their battles over eating disorders. God has really moved my desires though away from the modeling industry over the past couple of years. Now I am so much more excited about speaking at different churches and fellowshipping with women and young girls and offering advice on inner beauty, insecurities, eating disorders, and the effects of media.

Faith & Fitness Magazine: What are some common male attitudes toward women that your husband believes each man can submit to God? How has God worked in your husband’s life?

Kylie Bisutti: Sensitivity. Vulnerability. Softness. To name a few... The Lord has worked in Mike’s life in so many amazing ways. He has given him a heart of giving. Mike is so generous with everything. He is always so willing to help a homeless person, give to orphans, and be generous with his time to those who need him or who need to ‘lean on a shoulder’. I have seen the Lord work changes in my husband’s heart over the past several years that I've known him. They are so beautiful to see and make me so grateful that we have an amazing Lord up there who loves us so much.

Faith & Fitness Magazine: What are the qualities that you and your husband enjoy modeling the most with each other and how do you feel it will get you down the long journey through life together?

Kylie Bisutti: My husband and I love modeling patience with each other. I have never met a man who has been more patient with his wife. We also love modeling kindness, humility, and of course love. I am so grateful that the Lord has allowed us to be so loving with each other, so humble towards one another, and so patient when we make mistakes.
I was born in Twin Falls, Idaho and grew up in a small town of only 2,000 people until my parents decided to move to Las Vegas for business. I was raised by my two amazing and loving parents who taught me good morals and integrity. I was brought up doing everything outside! Riding ATV's, playing basketball, fishing, you name it! I was a total tomboy, but deep inside, my biggest dream was to become a supermodel. So, at the age of 14 I signed with a local modeling agency in Las Vegas. I traveled to Thailand and worked regularly in Vegas doing runway shows and local print jobs. I was off to a good start with making my dreams come true! I quit high school basketball and track and started home schooling at the age of 16 to move to New York and start modeling full time.

I made the move by myself and lived in a models apartment with about 4 other girls. Once I started making enough money to get my own apartment, I moved out and lived with a roommate. I worked for brands such as Seventeen magazine, Lucky magazine, Custo Barcelona, Yigal Azrouel, Jill Stuart, and many more. I walked in multiple seasons of New York Fashion Week and I traveled to Japan for two months to model as well. (all of this before becoming a "legal" adult) I thought that I was living the life! The goal I was working towards was to become a Victoria's Secret model, the top of the top when it comes to a models career. That was all I dreamed about and pursued, but I always felt like a part of me was missing. There was always a constant struggle to be myself in the industry because it was always so superficial and demanding. I was constantly being pressured to lose weight, no matter how thin I got, they always wanted me to be thinner and I wasn't willing to become unhealthy to get that thin. I didn't feel as though I was being true to myself, but I kept on pursuing it.

At the age of 18 I took a trip to Mexico with my parents and it was there that the next chapter in my life turned its page. At dinner one night I locked eyes with a handsome man and something bigger than myself was drawing me to him. The next day I went snorkeling and to my surprise, he was there. He said, "follow me" so I did and we snorkeled together and from then on it was better than any fairy tale I had ever seen in a movie or could have imagined. We fell in love and he soon proposed and we got married! I ended up moving to California with him as well as Montana. I took some time away from modeling and spent it with him instead, but soon after we married my mother in law told me about a casting for Victoria's Secret being held in LA. I decided to give it a shot and before I knew it I was being flewn to NYC to live in a house with 9 other girls to compete to be the next Victoria's Secret angel. After different competitions and photo shoots I ended up winning the prize and walked in my first ever VS Runway show! My dreams had finally come true- I thought!

I began hosting parties, attending red carpet events, and getting more attention than a young girl could ever want. I posed for various men's magazines and was on the cover of multiple magazines. I shot for Victoria's Secret catalogues and attended an autograph signing party at their store in Chicago. I even fell into some things that I'm really not proud of, but at the time thought that it was okay and all about the fame of the industry. The further I fell into the dark hole of "Satan’s playground" the more insecure and unhappy I became, then something amazing happened!!! The Lord graciously opened my eyes and saved me from the love of worldliness that was taking over me. He brought me to a place in my life of realization and truth! He reshaped my desires for my life and showed me that my body is a temple and was created to be honoring to Him in all things, especially in my marriage and in being an example to younger girls!

I decided to make some changes in the path that I was headed down. I vowed to never pose for a men's magazine again. I decided not to be seen in lingerie by any man but my husband. I decided to stop trying to become a sex symbol and to pursue being a wholesome, Godly example! Everything I went through was for a bigger purpose. For HIS purpose. He used my sin to bring me to a better place. A place where I can now be an example to other in the way that I live and I am so thankful for that! My prayer is that the Lord will use everything I have done as a platform to help others through honoring Him and God willing change lives.

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