By Brad Bloom

Wow! Has life been a whirlwind for you lately? I often visualize today’s demanding pace and insatiable expectations as if I’m in a speeding car accelerating to the edge of a cliff. There’s no stopping and even though I can see the painful outcome I’m compelled to go faster and faster.
It’s time to exercise! No time? Hmmm… This is the time management issue you’ve been too busy to read. We want to help you transform a few fractured minutes into a lifelong celebration. You may not have time for a 30-minute express workout or you may be the person who hits the gym twice a day, everyday. We all need to learn how to watch the clock differently. That’s just the body. It’s time to talk about how much time you spend with God too.
I want you to meet some people. I’ve asked them to share their life with you and incorporate into their narrative some perspective on TIME. To start your reading journey I want you to consider two words that repeatedly surfaced in our conversations: “tough choices”.
James Ellis talks about the tough choices between the Hollywood lifestyle and spiritual purity. Michele and Robert Sessum talk about the tough choices between eating healthy or not. Andy Travis talks about the tough choices between staying the same or pursuing change. Lauren McBride shares about the tough choices between losing time and gaining time. Pastor Dave Pritchard weighs the tough choices between being in control and being “radically” abandoned to God.
As I talked with each one of them, considered my own life and then shut up long enough for God to talk to me, the simple question cut with precision way beyond my surface attitudes deep, as the Bible says, into the bone marrow: Is it really that radical? Are the choices really that tough? Is the time God gives to every one of us really that hard to give back to Him?
What does it mean to get fit for eternity? Is it a workout plan guaranteed to give you a body like our cover models when you get to heaven? For me it means to make valuable this short time I have on earth. It is the determination to become and stay more AWARE that God is alongside you wanting to use you to impact others throughout each day. It is having faith and making the commitment to do God’s purpose now.
I’m excited. Proceed with enthusiasm. Shape your body AND shape the future.
It’s your time.
Train strong in Christ,
-Brad Bloom, Publisher
Brad Bloom is the publisher of Faith & Fitness Magazine and Shout! Outdoor Lifestyle Magazine. He is president of Lifestyle Media Group, a ministry that develops content to help you connect your active lifestyle with the Christian faith. Contact Us to schedule him to speak with your church, organization, group or community.

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