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CHARACTER STRENGTH Paul Anderson is known as the world's strongest man. But, God called him and his wife to have a much bigger legacy. Now, young men grow physically and spiritually in the shadow of a man who discovered how humbling yourself and raising up God's purpose is the greatest strength you can ever have.

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Wrestling is one-on-one combat where the looser is pinned in submission. The deadlift requires you to have strength and rise without momentum. What’s that have to do with your daily physical fitness and faith journey? Everything if you truly want total power.

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FEATURE     Power lifter and performance coach Bryan Neese knows how to handle both heavy weight and a busy job. But, when it comes to lifting the lives of his children and students to achieve greater potential and stronger character he pursues a higher power.

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FAMILY FITNESS     Our family car is filled with golf clubs, sweaty team jerseys and the occasional unidentifiable food item. Going to the gym, a youth sports game or just about anywhere can lead to moments of frustration. Until recently. We've learned to plan for the moment - even anticipate it. You can too. Includes questions for family devotions and discussion.

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YMCA FOCUS     Ryan Carmen had struggled with obesity for almost as long as he could remember. Then one day he chose to use his Y membership and pursue change. All it cost him was $1. What he gained was a new opportunity to Be Life to others.

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TRAINING     Deadlifts done differently! Only in Faith & Fitness Magazine can you get 5 top fitness coaches giving you their take on the deadlift. Includes short videos to demonstrate the power of deadlifts!

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CHURCH FITNESS     Dave Bundrick, Minister of Fitness and Recreation at Houston's First Baptist Church, recently chatted with Rob Killen of Church Fitness about what it takes to operate a successful fitness ministry.

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