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There's a big difference between Faith-Based Fitness and Faith-Centered Fitness. See how 5 simple concepts can transform you fitness facility and programs into life changing ministry.

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Online Personal Training has become popular as people seek affordable options to achieve their health goals and get comfortable with social media technology being a viable solution. Thinking about it? Diana Chaloux – LaCerte guides you in how to make it truly personal.

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The Boomer generation has driven a lot of changes and trends in the fitness industry. I predict that as they get older we'll see even bigger shifts especially in the emerging area of brain and body fitness. Let me introduce you to SGPT - Small Group Personal Training.  It combines the best of group exercise and personal training.

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Ever been to a rave? You might want to if you want to see how a person’s Christian faith and physical fitness can influence culture. DJ Armin van Buuren’s large music party features Lauren Evans in a live performance that is electrified.

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As more churches look to expand their outreach, and help their communities and congregation lead healthier lives, Faith & Fitness Magazine is highlighting the Bellaire Baptist Church Fitness Ministry in Bossier City, Louisiana. 

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Do some social networking that is totally different from getting on the Internet – get in the garden – a community garden. Christine Sine has the full story that’s creating the plot to true community through fresh produce and great exercise.

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A startling best workouts and God experiences have never happened in a gym or during a regular church service.  What can we learn from this? How will it shape our approach to group training and our faith journey moving forward?

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Are you taking way too many Selfies? Your social presence doesn’t matter much if your real-life relationships have been unfriended by you. Online, in the gym and at church, it’s time to exercise your social life.

Many African Americans are unable to consume dairy without some discomfort. Find ways to avoid the discmfort and enjoy dairy products.


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