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Dear mom, Thanks for all the hard work you do. The love and prayers you give make a big difference. Take time, relax and read special selections from two of our magazines – just for you! Special Mother's Day feature.

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11 readers show us their arms, tell how they got ‘em and what they do to make a difference. You can TRI but you can’t BI your way into this dimension. Check out all 11 pages.  No matter your size, you can be a big lifter for God serving others.

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Paramedic Nate Drake and his coworkers are strong. As a team they’re stronger. Yet, the perfect strength for the toughest job isn’t built at the gym or made by group planning. Far from self-confidence find something more fragile and strong.

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Have you heard the Bible verse, I am weak but He is strong? Good to show our dependence on God but older adults can’t use it as an excuse. Do a functional assessment then get moving.

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Once and for all...The Top 10 Biceps and Triceps Exercises!  Time to jack-up your guns and flex your pythons!  Wait, are we still talking about exercise?

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CHURCH PICNICS and more. Plan a wellness strategy. If your church could help your congregation and community loose weight to be healthier and live better would you do it? It is not only possible it is more practical than you realize. Here is a strategy to introduce and maintain five key approaches to weight loss.


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Do you impress others with your size and strength? More importantly does God impress upon you the importance of being strong to help others --- regardless of your size? Would you rather have strong arms or enduring grace? How about both?!

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A men's workout group joins forces with a rescue mission to sweat, work, love, and grow. Read this now then seek God in prayer as to how you can use your arms and put some muscle into helping others.

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A healthy recipe for a quick, breakfast or after workout snack.


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