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SPONSORED BY: Snoga Athletics What if you threw out everything you knew about the Proverbs 31 Woman and let her run wild and free? Would your life look any different? Includes music videos.

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Getting fit has been on your list of things to do for as long as you can remember but you just don’t have the time. Concita Thomas, Food & Fitness Strategist, has an easy plan to leverage whatever time you have right now to get started and stay consistent.

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Teena Henson's amazing weight loss gained public attention in 2014 through reports from CNN and others. These reports mentioned the faith component of her story, but Teena has much more to share. Read here about her faith in God from the beginning days of her transformation through to today and how it shapes her physical and spiritual fitness.

Every Thursday evening dancers meet at church for a sweat-dripping workout and a uniquely blended dance class that incorporates hip hop, jazz and contemporary. It's hard hitting and spunky. These girls are growing physically and spiritually stronger as they make the dance steps their prayer to God.

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Time to plan a summer vacation --- like no other! You've heard about fitness vacations. This is one you'll want to do again and again. Come on and check out what we have growing in our garden for you this season! BOOK YOUR RESERVATION TODAY.

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WOMEN'S INTEREST What makes a strong woman and a respected leader? What qualities does she possess that cause others to follow and look up to her? Dr. Melody Stevens examines the STRONGER side of women with encouragement that will help you in your leadership role.

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Antoniette Pacheco and Frank Medrano do extreme calisthenics together. Watch them and you'll be amazed how creative they make fitness. Antoniette's life is amazing in another way. Her personal story of faith is rooted in the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

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Have you ever been to Cirque De Soliel and dreamed of performing on the high-flying silks? Have you ever become bored with your exercise routine? Today’s suspension training gives you endless ways to do an anti-gravity workout. Laura Monica of WholyFit shares how it can be both fun and faith filled.

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Women compare and contrast body parts with one another as if this body bashing will somehow result in a magical transformation. If you could see as Jesus sees, through His lens of beauty, how would it change you?

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Kim Dolan Leto may be a fitness model but what she really likes to model is her life in Christ. In her book F.I.T. – 10 Steps To Your Faith Inspired Transformation, she helps women to be healthy, happy and fit. This excerpt addresses the importance of having a new mindset in Christ. It includes a link to a free chapter download from her book.


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