The shoulder press can be done with any implement. I have pictures of a thick band and a set of kettlebells. The way I teach this now is different from years ago. I am most concerned now with bone stacking.
By Kirsten Quick, ACE Certified Trainer and Group Instructor
CORE TRAINING Want to quit having back pain and limited movement? You need a strong core – those all-important muscles that give you a solid base of support. Kirsten demonstrates core exercises you can add to your workout and discusses the importance of a strong spiritual core. Now is the time for you to build a stronger foundation.
By Eric Wrona

These days, first-class personal trainers know that in order to help their clients achieve their best they must incorporate all aspects of wellness. Are you getting the most from your fitness activities? Now you can learn to connect with “why” you are exercising in the first place with the passionate support of a Christ-Influenced Trainer.
By Jason Rhymer
Next Sunday most youth across the country will go to church and do the same routine youth group thing --- (yawn). Other teens will have a lot of fun, build muscle strength, get their heart beating good and grow closer to God. And- they’ll experience a kind of fellowship that you just don’t get by sitting in the church pew. Take a look at the extreme makeover that could be coming soon to a youth group near you.
By Jason Rhymer,
Your fitness program should have an impact on making your life easier to perform. The Faith & Fitness Magazine training department covers the many kinds of training that will strengthen you physically for a better day-to-day lifestyle. Engage your body and spirit and train to live life to the fullest.
By Mike Nelson, Extreme Human Performance
POWERLIFT TRAINING Three basic exercises make up the powerlifts: the bench press, squat and deadlift. Even if you have no interest in powerlifting competitions, this is a brutally effective but simple program based on feedback from your body to add strength and muscle to your body. Get out your pen and training journal and then get with it!
By Jason Rhymer, Training Department Editor
No weights? No problem. BODYWEIGHT TRAINING is your exercise-anywhere, exercise-anytime solution. We have the ultimate program to add tons of fun and burn tons of calories. Make your bodyweight training absolutely heavenly with a “pair of dice”.
by Matthew Diener

Everyone should develop specific conditioning strategies to achieve their individual fitness goals. Performance Training editor Matt Diener, a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist says that different types of training require different types of energy. Learn how to bring it all together for super performance.
by Erik Akutagawa, Jonathan Evans and Alex Lopiccolo

Men have a desire to be “super” in the eyes of others. If you want that “massive”, inverted-pyramid, V-shaped look you’re going to have to work for it. Deliver a passionate embrace and show off the nature of God that is built within you.
By Dave Prowitz

Time to get outdoors for some exercise and have a blast. Dave Prowitz says, “I’ve always struggled with the idea of working out. As the director of adventure programming at a Christian retreat center, my position requires me to be physically fit.” Try these seven camp-tested summer workouts for guaranteed fun and spiritual growth.


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