You made it to the final exercise of this holiday training program. Time to do some biceps curls and Triceps Extensions. Do the curls (each arm) first. Then do the triceps extensions (each arm). They are your 12 bonus reps.
The Romanian deadlift is quite a mouthful. Call it RDL for short. Stand with a barbell, dumbbells, sandbag, or other implement in front of you with arms extended (Picture 1). Slightly bend the knees, but don’t bend them once you start the next part of the movement.
To do the one-arm Row as your tenth exercise do 5 on each side (each arm). – I like to tweak this great strength move a bit so that you get more core involvement.
Keep both feet even on the ground (other versions have you put one knee on a bench), and reach onto a bench or other secure object. The goal is to get the back flat and parallel to the ground. Grab a dumbbell or other implement with the other hand and pull it to your side, getting your elbow as high as possible.
By Sara Cheatham, M.S.
COMBAT READINESS TRAINING Are you a soldier that is ready for battle? Gain confidence with combat readiness training. This training program includes a complete printable guide that you can easily follow. Time to have some fun, train hard and become “soldier” strong physically and spiritually.
The good news about doing jumping jacks in this holiday training regimen is that this is a rest set before your last 3 big sets. Hopefully, you have been doing jumping jacks since you were a child and the pictures will tell you all you need to know about this classic fat burner.
Low-Impact Version– step instead of jump and keep arms even with the chest as they move.
By Jason Rhymer, Training Department Editor
TIMED FATIGUE TRAINING To reeeeeally feel the burn you’re gonna’ need to train a little harder. OK, maybe a lot harder. Here are two programs that will blow up your traditional sets and reps paradigm. Effective for both gals and guys, timed fatigue training is the answer to your question, “How do I get pumped?” Print it, take it to your next workout and get pumping.
For the kettlebell Swing I realize you may not have access to a kettlebell. If that is the case, you can do this same exercise with dumbbells (even a filled household plastic bottle with a handle – like a gallon milk bottle). However I highly recommend you use kettlebells. Invest in some for your personal home gym.
By Jason Rhymer, Training Department Editor and Z-Health Level IV Trainer
Oh, those aches and pains make it tough to stretch and perform like you want. Your spirit is willing but your flesh --- well it just needs a little help. Everyone can benefit from improved flexibility. If you have the nerve to try something new, we have the flexibility training that will get you moving further.
By James Woodall, Woodall’s Fitness Training
BOOT CAMP TRAINING Get a group of guys, the family or coworkers together to wrestle and flip a big heavy tire, lift kettle bells and battle with some oversized ropes and you have the beginnings of one tough boot camp workout. Add a focus on the teachings of Christ and conversations on living a faith-grounded lifestyle and you’ll gain a whole new level of fellowship and training. This is boot camp --- fitness training you’ve got to experience!
Jason Rhymer's picture
By Jason Rhymer, Training Department Editor
HOLIDAY TRAINING You know it happens. Your workout routine – is OH SO ROUTINE. We have the perfect solution. That repetitive Christmas tune you’ve no doubt sung just a few times is the model for one incredible workout. Get ready for 12 different exercises that are performed just like the song. Spread the holiday cheer and get someone to join you in this holiday training.


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