COMPANION MUSIC: The Every Body Matters Soulbyte Compilation brings together 15 specially selected music tracks to enjoy while you read the book and do the fitness program. Sample all 15 and get 2 free downloads exclusively here in Faith & Fitness Magazine.
By Jason Rhymer, Training Department Editor

Rules can show us a right way and a wrong way to accomplish something. Keep safe and get results. We give you the DO’S and DON’TS for a variety of exercises. But we don’t stop there. You’ll learn how you can “break the rules” and have fun. Want more? Discover how these rules relate to your spiritual life. Time to get training.

This section offers helpful ideas on HOW TO use the Every Body Matters book and do the Every Body Matters Fitness Program with different people and needs.
A DIET AND FOOD RESOURCE: Get information, resources and access to nutrition professionals. You can contribute to this section and follow updates from the author’s wife.
By Eric Rodgers, ACE Certified Trainer, NASM FNS

Can you imagine seeing an older woman bench pressing weights or a young athletic man practicing his balance on a stability ball? We associate certain physical activities with certain age groups. But, your body is meant to be strong on five levels through several forms of training. Don’t limit yourself by limiting your mind. What can we learn from each other? The answers are here.

By Haley Mull
Easter is near. This, the most important Christian holiday, is a time to celebrate the life of Jesus Christ and the salvation and hope He has given. Are you prepared? Faith & Fitness Magazine is hosting a 12-day online event that gives you the tools to prepare spiritually, physically and nutritionally. Participate and you can benefit others.
By Jason Rhymer, Training Department Editor
TRAINING FOR AN OBSTACLE COURSE RACE Getting mud in my eyes (literally), helped me to see a completely new way to train and enjoy fitness. The Spartan Race is quite the adventure. I know because I did it along with my team – Team John 9. This article is loaded with videos.
The Every Body Matters Fitness Program is a simple, effective and engaging approach to help people exercise and get their deeper spiritual needs met. The program facilitates thoughtful instruction and conversation with user-defined fitness activities. Access all of the Every Body Matters ONLINE resources for a wide range of support tools and networking as you do the Every Body Matters Fitness Program.
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By Jason Rhymer, Training Department Editor
All fast food meals are not created equal. Fried or grilled? Fries or salad? Sugary drink or water? It’s just an innocent meal, right? We compare two Chick-fil-A meals and how different your workouts will have to be if you want to stay fit. Holy Cowz preach, “Eat more Chikn”. But if you want to be part of the healthy flock, watch what you’ve herd.


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