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Incorporate worship into your exercise routine. This page features some of Laurie’s best body weight exercises that can be done at home, in the office or anywhere.

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By Jason Rhymer, Training Department Editor - If you only associate the word "workout" with pain and agony, then this article is for you.  25 Fun Ways to Workout will expand your ideas of how to create fun fitness challenges with what you already enjoy doing...playing games, being with family, exploring outside, and more!

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Fit For Freedom - ONLINE provides a wide range of resources to support individuals and groups reading the Laurie Graves book Fit For Freedom.  These resources can be used by individuals and groups doing the Fit For Freedom fitness and wellness program.

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By Jason Rhymer, Training Department Editor

CHRISTMAS TRAINING How well do you know your Christmas holiday trivia? This fun approach to training will get you exercising with family and friends, develop your passion for Christ and help you fill the season with joy and fitness. Go ahead, click and get started.

By Ramon Torres

There honestly are no "men's" and "women's" exercises. There is just exercise that is good for everyone. Ramon Torres, resident personal trainer at the Fitness Center & Day Spa in Celebration Florida (think Disney World) introduces 5 Cinderella exercises that your Prince Charming should be doing too. God's given you the passion for fitness, now discover the joy of working it out with the men in your life.

By Jo Ann Bauer

Searching for the right combination of workout and scripture training I found Revelation Fitness. Alisa Keaton’s classes are cutting edge fitness infused with a spirit of freedom, perseverance and contagious fun.

By Haley Mull
Easter is near. This, the most important Christian holiday, is a time to celebrate the life of Jesus Christ and the salvation and hope He has given. Are you prepared? Faith & Fitness Magazine is hosting a 12-day online event that gives you the tools to prepare spiritually, physically and nutritionally. Participate and you can benefit others.
COMPANION MUSIC: The Every Body Matters Soulbyte Compilation brings together 15 specially selected music tracks to enjoy while you read the book and do the fitness program. Sample all 15 and get 2 free downloads exclusively here in Faith & Fitness Magazine.


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