Want to go further than building physical and spiritual strength? This is the resource for you. Understand the origins of Muscular Christianity and expand the scope of what Muscular Christianity is today. We’ll introduce you to today’s bold and influential heavy lifters and help you to be one too.
By Haley Mull
Every year the Arnold Sports Festival hosts all kinds of competitions. Long known as one of the main bodybuilding events in the nation, athletes train with extreme discipline. Grueling workouts, strict diets and demanding focus are required. Many say they feel as if they could die. It’s THAT tough. We follow Melanie Evans, one competitor at this year’s event. She’s learned that if you don’t prepare to die to your self-will, your biggest dreams and your darkest fears then you can never come alive to your greatest potential.
By Brad Bloom
Today’s culture packages God as a bobble-head deity, a theological artifact and an outdated out-of-touch concept of the naive. Muscle-up your understanding. Replace your OMG smart-mouth mentality with a lot of fear and trembling. GOD IS NO WIMP! He not only created the Big Bang but that tiny little cell that has grown up to be you. Take on your tough world with a God-sized God.

Today’s Bold And Influential Heavy Lifter – by Haley Mull
Jorge Juarez works with students, faculty and staff at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas as the Executive Director of Recreational Sports. He works to influence them to live a life pursuing the will of God.
By Kim Dolan-Leto
Imagine going to the grocery store with your husband and child. While standing in the checkout line you browse the magazines and there you are! Everyone is looking at you - not just the healthy and unhealthy foods you've put in the cart but literally YOU - on the cover of that magazine. Your child is looking, your husband is looking .... everybody is looking. And God is too. No pressure. No need to feel self-conscious.
By Jeffrey P. Beck
Devin Ricker has a rock-hard body and good looks. But he has something more - an inner-strength that comes only from faith. Like so many men, his temptation with online pornography led to an addiction. Combined with that he thought cursing was a sign of his masculinity. These things led to loneliness and self-contempt. Learn how God helped Devin to turn things right-side up. Get tips so you can too.
By Paul Coughlin
Fitness teaches our children that pain may be scary but it isn't fatal. Children need to know how to take life-affirming risk and test their own metal. The sin of over-parenting produces weak, pliable, and small-souled children. The bad news – bullying is on the rise. The average bully targets the weak. The good news - helping our children stand up to bullying without falling down is easier than they realize.

Today’s Bold And Influential Heavy Lifter – by Haley Mull
Chuck Hosking knows how to go the distance. His once a week fifty-mile “bike and hike” is only the beginning. He has found ways to pursue global equity and tithe (give to God) 90% of his income. For him it is all about having the courage to live a life of service and clarity.

Today’s Bold And Influential Heavy Lifter – by Haley Mull
Peter Rohleder is an exercise physiologist, strength and conditioning specialist, fitness trainer, and adjunct professor. He wants people to know that when difficulties arise you can cope with exercise but ultimately failure teaches you to rely on Christ.
By Jessieca Sempsrott
When my husband and I purchased our first home in a small, urban Illinois town I knew I wanted to grow a summer garden. Other families in our neighborhood were there to support us with ideas and encouragement. By mid-March my grandmother, two-year old daughter, husband and I were digging our fingers into the barely warmed earth. Our small backyard adventure wasn’t perfect --- it was better!


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