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By Jason Rhymer, Training Department Editor

CHRISTMAS TRAINING How well do you know your Christmas holiday trivia? This fun approach to training will get you exercising with family and friends, develop your passion for Christ and help you fill the season with joy and fitness. Go ahead, click and get started.

By Ramon Torres

There honestly are no "men's" and "women's" exercises. There is just exercise that is good for everyone. Ramon Torres, resident personal trainer at the Fitness Center & Day Spa in Celebration Florida (think Disney World) introduces 5 Cinderella exercises that your Prince Charming should be doing too. God's given you the passion for fitness, now discover the joy of working it out with the men in your life.

By Elizabeth Barge

Just in time for the holidays --- We have desert! Eating healthier happens when it is functional. Good nutrition has to make sense for YOU. When your sweet tooth craves a treat you can make smart choices that taste great. Nutritionist Elizabeth Barge brings you two dessert recipes that are full of natural ingredients and fun flavor. Surprise your friends with a signature dessert that is oh so sweet AND healthy.

By Greg Hansen

Are you frustrated with all the changes and uncertainty in insurance these days? Get the assurance you want from a God that is bigger than your greatest risks. Invest in your physical body with exercise, good nutrition and life balance. Then make certain your faith is solid and growing.

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Atlanta based Enliven Magazine is merging with Faith & Fitness Magazine to form a new Enliven Department that will provide an ever fresh and relevant collection of multiethnic faith and fitness resources.

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Starting in February 2014 you can get more faith and fitness personalities in one location than ever before. The new Faith & Fitness Magazine team offers professional guidance and inspired motivation in one convenient BLOG service.

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By Brad Bloom

Exercise, get outdoors and travel. Be invigorated, adventurous and explore. The messages we see daily are clear: live life fully, richly, dangerously… selfishly. God’s message is distinctly different. Don’t just live your life, be life to others. It is the real difference that makes your life healthy, action-filled and engaged.This is our final issue.* Read to see what’s next.

For most people running the 26.2 mile distance (42.2k) of a marathon is a big undertaking. Pushing someone that entire distance would require you to expand your range --- of physical ability, determination and your own personal motives. Now do 9 marathons and a lot of other racing events and you’ll start to get an idea of how Gene Carter has learned to stretch further. This is a story to get you inspired then get you pushing yourself to believe for something more. Use the PUSH YOURSELF tool to set your own goals and create your own story.
An interview with John Rozmus
Bodybuilding.com is a website that boasts being “the future of bodybuilding”. More than 450,000 people have created their own personal BodySpace profile. If you look beyond all the egos and self-promotion you’ll find one of those profiles belongs to John Rozmus. The University of Cincinnati student uses his BodySpace to model more than muscles. John’s online presentation represents a growing number of people who are motivated to seek God and find multiple ways to actively live out their faith in Jesus and make a difference.


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