By Gretchen Bloom, Gardening Department Editor
What can you do with a little stick? Poke a hole in the dirt, drop in a bean and watch it grow. You just learned how to grow a garden. Well not quite, but you get the idea. Vegetables and flowers aren’t the only thing that grow in gardens. Lesson after lesson and harvest after harvest your garden can help you and others grow in knowledge and physical strength. Gardener’s also grow spiritually and relationally too.
By Cody Bobay, Fitness Evangelist
The church is suffering from physical and spiritual morbid-obesity and as a result people are physically dying. It is that simple. If God took your blood pressure right now, would your heart be a pleasing sacrifice to Him? To reverse this obesity epidemic in America, it really is going to take the power of Christ in all of our lives. Includes an easy 4-step solution you can initiate in your community.
By Steve Collins
Do you ever feel like you have the desire, knowledge, and passion to be more effective in your service to others and God, but you just lack the energy? That was the predicament of O.A. Fish, a retired Eastern Airlines pilot who founded South Mountain Christian Camp in the 70’s. For years he prayed that God would heal his body from poor health, but the answer he received surprised him.
By Corey Little
Like riding a bike, moving forward in life requires momentum from God to achieve balance. We’re not created to live in the extremes. When you’re not moving in God’s plan you risk falling and getting hurt. To achieve balance physically and spiritually there are a few simple rules to follow. Learn how to stop doing everything and focus on what matters most.
Rob Killen's picture
Today’s Bold And Influential Heavy Lifter – by Rob Killen
Some kids kick, box and fight in protest when going to church with mom and dad. David Dise just went – and then he quit. But God didn’t quit on him. Today, David manages the ROC Fight Club in Richmond, Virginia helping youth and adults learn how to punch and kick people in the name of Christ --- and a whole lot more.
By Erik DeLaRosa
There are more than just a few "Southwest Grills" in the Southwest. Houston, Texas has some of the best and not surprisingly some of the biggest obesity statistics in the nation. When Houston native Erik DeLaRosa decided to get in-shape he soon found that his passion became a second career leading others in health and fitness. His Latino background gives him a keen awareness of some of the challenges facing the Hispanic community. He shares how to lead by example in exercise, diet, faith and service. That example starts with the family.
By Krista Embury
We could tell you what we’re against – donuts in the church foyer every Sunday, gut-busting church fellowship dinners and preachers parading pounds of fat in front of a congregation who will have to miss next week’s communion so they can go have bariatric surgery. Instead, get Fit To Eat. This isn’t another high school home-economics class. This is a serious step toward putting your appetite on the alter, giving your passion for eating to God and rediscovering food done right!eous.
By Brad Bloom
The Space Invaders of today seek dominion over a sacred space you should be protecting – your stomach. Have you lost control? Modern gastronomical warfare requires more than sophisticated diets. In fact the old-fashioned defense systems of eating healthy and exercising regularly are not enough. This is truly a spiritual battle. If the obesity crisis is to be effectively addressed there has to be a spiritual strategy and a faith-driven solution. It’s time to go to war.
By Kenneth Johnson
You’re busy and in a hurry. No time to snack or at least snack healthy, right? Wrong! Leave the junk food behind and revert to raw. Yes, you can do it AND enjoy it. In fact, in the time it takes for you to find your 7 favorite raw snack foods we bet you’ll be ready to help your friends find their favorites too.
Arian Moore's picture
By Arian T. Moore
What do you do to get it all done and get it all done right? Balancing a business, education, personal goals and a family can make your anxiety levels go off the charts. Your personal coping strategies can become addictions that are ultimately counterproductive. Arian offers five steps to help you achieve balance.


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