An interview with Kylie Bisutti
What do young girls see in a supermodel? How do women portray beauty in today’s culture? How can a wife be happy, secure and totally in love? Kylie Bisutti is committed to being a Godly role model and a positive influence. Her confidence is based in God and her career in ministry is flying high. Learn how she and her husband Mike, together are modeling a message of love. Includes a video.
book review
Want to get your “thrive” on? You need to understand the importance of godly wellness. Having a lifestyle of health, healing and faith doesn’t just happen – it is an intentional choice you make. It’s not just a choice for you. It is a choice for a higher purpose. FREE DOWNLOAD - Click on the banner below and start reading the first chapter now.
By Hope Egan
You may not think of him as a nutritionist, but God has some great eating insights that can transform the way you do food. And yep, It’s all found in his #1 best selling book --- the Bible. To understand it all better, Hope Egan has developed a web resource that helps make it clear and easy. Now, she’s partnered with Faith & Fitness Magazine to bring regular insights to our Nutrition department.
By Brad Bloom
We’re certainly not your ordinary “Christian magazine”. We’re certain that you don’t want ordinary. You've told us that you’re up for a challenge even if it means you’ll feel some pain. So, lets grab hold of 2013, give it to God and be given totally over to a full life transformation that gives life to others. Will it be tough? Oh yeah! This is the preview of our 2013 issues.
By Shane Freels

“That’s my boy!” There’s a bond between a father and a son that can be more powerful than any other relationship on earth. Maybe you have it, maybe you don’t. Either way, get active together and stay active together. You guys are a team. You need each other and the world needs you. Share your “Father-Son Active Lifestyle” photo for a chance to win.

By Brad Bloom
Do you notice that when family and friends get together for a holiday or special event there is usually quite a range in age? The oldest and the youngest are often the first to interact remarkably well together. Everyone else progressively gets the idea. Start here to expand you vision for physical and spiritual fitness.
By Eric Rodgers, ACE Certified Trainer, NASM FNS

Can you imagine seeing an older woman bench pressing weights or a young athletic man practicing his balance on a stability ball? We associate certain physical activities with certain age groups. But, your body is meant to be strong on five levels through several forms of training. Don’t limit yourself by limiting your mind. What can we learn from each other? The answers are here.


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