By Emily Vavra Lind

Are you dealing with bad habits that keep you feeling as if you are barely surviving? Women don’t need a “survival guide”. We want more – more of what God has for us. It is time to make some changes. You can do it AND you can thrive!

By David Redding, founder of F3Nation
SURVIVAL TRAINING Direct from the French Commando School deep in the Pyrenees Mountains of France, former U.S. Army Special Forces Officer David Redding has survived harsh and brutal training. Now he shares with you 10 principles he has learned from his survival experiences. Both men and women who are serious about taking training to the next level will benefit from these tips. If you apply them to your training and life they will be all you need to know to survive.
By Rodney Gaines

For many of us there is a survivor experience that is more common than you might expect. It is the “What else could go wrong” moment. It can happen over and over until you start to anticipate the next bad thing. Rodney Gaines has certainly had his share of tough times to survive. Through all the trials he has learned to anticipate something else – something much greater than any problem. It is God’s grace and strength. Rodney’s message is simple: God will help you survive, avert disaster and find purpose.

By Brad Bloom
Circumstances in life can steel your identity. Not your personal or credit information. The “who I really am” identity. Are you at risk? Maybe you’ve already lost it. There is a place called Survivors Parish. It is a place not to far from where you live. It’s a place to make a positive ID.
By Nancy Metheny
How you survive breast cancer depends on a lot of things. For Nancy Metheny developing a full treatment plan included exercise and support from her faith community. Today the legacy of her cancer experience has both negatives and positives. She deals with the negative by choosing to focus on the positive. What do you have in your pocket? You can watch a short video of her telling her story.
By Tim McComsey

”Just a spoon full of sugar helps the insulin go up”. OK, not quite how the Mary Poppins song goes but… Registered Dietitian Tim McComsey is back to address a nutrition question from one of our readers. Learn how to regulate your blood sugar by eating the right balance of God given foods.

By Brad Bloom
>Get some exercise. Get some fresh air. Get alone with God and be spiritually refreshed. The October 6 Worship Weekend is a day retreat designed to help you discover and live in the companionship of God. Reserve you place for this event today.
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