By Rob Killen

Guys, do you like to play sports or lift weights? Ever wonder how you take those interests and do something more with them? For Rob Killen, he followed God’s leading and started a service to help churches reach people through fitness. He wants you to pick up some basic principles to help others.

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By Susan Bailey and Brad Bloom

A fresh hairstyle, a great looking smile, accessories… From television to magazines to your local salon, the makeover is a way both women and men can get a quick fix to look great. So forget about that – it’s time to go a lot deeper than surface changes. The Makeover/Overhaul will reveal the real you. Enjoy listening to the Matt Brouwer song Beautiful Now while you read this article.

By Brad Bloom
Want a real workout? Get married. The wedding is a short event but the marriage … well with God, it shapes you into a whole new you. It is a physical and a spiritual makeover that will help you define beauty and fitness with a fresh perspective.
(Approximate reading time: 2:30)
By Charlotte Dean
When life has not turned out the way you planned you need more than a get fit quick plan. Several Y’s in Richmond, Virginia now help those in the city to contemplate struggles and identify areas of change. Faith drives these small groups to real change.
By Paul Batz
At age 49 Paul Batz attended the funeral of a friend --- also 49. His friend, overweight, rejected the thought that he “had to” workout. Though Paul doesn’t always find exercise to be enjoyable, he’s learning that he “gets to” workout. “Have to” – “Get to”, there is an attitude difference. And, it makes all the difference in the world.
By Doug Pagitt, Pastor
When God set out to create a thing of beauty did He in fact fail? Maybe you’re not all that wonderfully made after all. In fact, wonder if you’re a pretty big disappointment so deeply flawed that God, like a bully on a school bus says you, “Suck Royal”! If this is your understanding of God, then take time to read this entire article adapted from Doug Pagitt’s book A Christianity Worth Believing. Then share the message of rugged beauty with others.
(Approximate reading time: 13:30)
By Dr. Dee Morris and Dr. Pamela Johnson, Cedarville University
College is a time for students to gain independence. It is also a time to learn responsibility. Faced with the freedom to structure their own lifestyles, sometimes college students slip into habits that, if allowed to continue, “chip away” at their basic good health. Dr. Morris and Dr. Johnson outline in this college primer, important considerations for every student that wants to have healthy living on campus.
By Rob Killen and Brad Bloom
Fix your eyes on one beautiful body. No, we’re not talking about an actor, model or athlete from the People’s Choice Awards. We’re talking about the “body of Christ” --- Christians. Today, Christians know that worship is much more than singing praise songs. It is a total physical experience. Discover why church’s are developing fitness ministries and opening fitness facilities and why you should do it too. Get a free church fitness consultation.
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