By Miya Miles

Diet and exercise should be all you need to lose weight. Right? I tried and it wasn’t working. Then my doctor suggested something more drastic. With the risk of diabetes looming I had a tough decision to make and I wasn’t certain what choice was right. I was however confident of two things: I wanted to gain a healthier life and I knew God would guide me.

Every Body Matters is the personal growth book by bestselling author Gary Thomas. It offers a fresh perspective on how physical fitness directly impact your spiritual growth. Every Body Matters ONLINE has been developed by Faith & Fitness Magazine to provide a variety of resources and the Every Body Matters Fitness Progarm for individuals and groups.
COMPANION MUSIC: The Every Body Matters Soulbyte Compilation brings together 15 specially selected music tracks to enjoy while you read the book and do the fitness program. Sample all 15 and get 2 free downloads exclusively here in Faith & Fitness Magazine.
A DIET AND FOOD RESOURCE: Get information, resources and access to nutrition professionals. You can contribute to this section and follow updates from the author’s wife.
Want to take your summer vacation to a new level of endurance and goal setting? Try a triathlon, one of 5 fitness adventures featured in our 2012 Summer Vacation Planning Guide. Explore all 5. Then, get outdoors and take your faith and fitness to new levels. This article includes an inspiring video.
By Jason Rhymer, Training Department Editor
TRAINING FOR AN OBSTACLE COURSE RACE Getting mud in my eyes (literally), helped me to see a completely new way to train and enjoy fitness. The Spartan Race is quite the adventure. I know because I did it along with my team – Team John 9. This article is loaded with videos.
This section offers helpful ideas on HOW TO use the Every Body Matters book and do the Every Body Matters Fitness Program with different people and needs.
By Brenda Wise-Arnold and Dr. David Martin
Eat chocolate and lose weight. Not quite what you expect right? OK well today’s tie-me-over-to-lunch chocolate candy bar has evolved --- a lot, and not in a good way. But the closer you can get to that original God-designed natural cacao bean the healthier it is. Get a good daily dose of antioxidants – the tasty way!
By Brad Bloom
I about got run over. The electric shopping cart driven by the overweight woman was piled high with chips, soda and more unhealthy “food”. I wondered with a bit of a judgmental attitude what causes people to make certain choices. There in the candy isle I had a choice to make. You do too.
Matt Evans's picture
By Matt Evans, Executive Editor, Shout! Outdoor Lifestyle Magazine
Among the sea of treadmills, stair-steppers, and stationary pedal bikes, I search the bank of TV screens for some inspiration. What can I do outside this sweaty gym? It’s time to make your summer travel plans. This year make it a true fitness adventure. I’ve compiled 5 great destinations that will have you wanting to get outdoors and get fit.


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