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So, do you go to Gold’s Gym, Ballys, Lifetime Family Fitness, the Y, or some other gym. Maybe you go to a church fitness facility, a community recreation center or a college athletic center. Maybe you go to --- none of the above. No problem! We’ve got indoor exercises you can start doing right now.
Part of the COURAGEOUS Men’s Fitness resource.
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By Brad Bloom
Do you have the discipline to lose weight and be active? Do you have the discipline to pursue God and show compassion? Before you answer, think about this – children learn by example. You can too. What have you learned today?
An interview with Brian Dobson, owner/founder
Only one gym in the world has more winners than all the fitness centers combined. Metroflex, in the greater Dallas, Texas area isn’t just where the big boys and girls train. It is a hot environment (figuratively AND literally) to build discipline. In a culture where bodybuilders are elevated as gods, Metroflex provides an environment where members put themselves to the test and instead have the opportunity to rely on God.
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By Brad Bloom
In the summer of 2010 the YMCA rebranded and officially became the Y. Many feared that Jesus Christ lost his membership and that one of the nation’s largest non-profits was going Godless. Since then, countless news stories have helped clarify the Y’s mission. We ask if the Y can do more than wave the banner of Christian principles.
By Brad Minns

Brad Minns trained hard to win the World Tennis Games for the Deaf. Down two sets and behind in the third of five sets, he was discouraged. Brad prayed and then pressed forward one point at a time. Today he coaches tennis and motivates people to seek God in their challenges and never give up. Includes video of Brad Minns' personal story.
By Jason Aaron Baca
Which do you need the most: physical fitness, spiritual strength or more romance in your life? What if you could get all 3 --- at the same time! Ever wondered what a romance novel cover model would say to you? Jason Aaron Baca has a lot to say. This is a real page-turner that will ignite your passion – for fitness, God and the one you love.
Part of the COURAGEOUS Men’s Fitness resource.
Go ahead and say it, “Let me out of here!” We’re meant to be outdoors. But, busy schedules, commitments and personal agendas keep us indoors too much. Your kids want it. Oblige them, have the courage to get active and get out – in the great outdoors.
Part of the COURAGEOUS Men’s Fitness resource.
Hungry? How hungry are you for ideas that will help you take your love of food to the next level? Sink your teeth into this buffet of family eating initiatives. Transform your family’s approach to good nutrition and family fellowship --- starting with your next meal.
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