By Lisa Gillota
In the Nordonia Hills area of Ohio a church and a YMCA are under one roof. When that roof needs repair what do you do? Fix it with faith, muscle and music.
By Joe Godwin
If you’ve hit the weights but never really achieve the gains or muscularity that you want then think about adding 3 supplements that are “must haves” to pack on some quality size. Add them to hard work and consistency and reach your full potential.
By David Bravo
Most fathers aren’t fitness models like David Bravo. But all fathers model life for their children. Good and bad, dads set the example. In this revealing story, David shares how God has used his life journey to shape his relationship with his son. He discusses the top 6 things on the mind of a single dad – good insights for all fathers to apply every day.
By Gaynor Burton
For a week-long vacation or simply a weekend get-away, FitFish may be the ultimate fitness retreat. From incredible destinations with quality exercise programming to healthy meals and spiritual refreshment you can take your fitness to new levels and renew your mind.
By Brad Bloom
Few people can illustrate as well as Arnold Schwarzenegger the physical experience known as “The Pump”. He now also represents an example of spiritual weakness. In the midst of these competing images are some lessons we can learn about a God who fixes the broken and calls you to serve.
By Dr. Len Lopez
Are you in that magical place called the ‘fat-burning zone’? For a healthy body weight you need to understand that the zone is in fact living constantly the way God designed your body. Change your focus from, “How many calories am I burning?” to “How am I burning those calories?”. Use our COMMENTS feature in this article to interact with Dr. Len Lopez.
By Jason Rhymer, Training Department Editor
TIMED FATIGUE TRAINING To reeeeeally feel the burn you’re gonna’ need to train a little harder. OK, maybe a lot harder. Here are two programs that will blow up your traditional sets and reps paradigm. Effective for both gals and guys, timed fatigue training is the answer to your question, “How do I get pumped?” Print it, take it to your next workout and get pumping.
By Ricky Ortiz
The “RUSH” is confidence, excitement, anticipation, and adrenaline all wrapped into one package. But if you’re like Kattie and Dominic “rush” more accurately describes just how fleeting satisfaction can be. How do you move beyond a sense of progress to being truly fulfilled? Listen to the JJ Heller song WHAT LOVE REALLY MEANS while you read.
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