By Dr. Stephen Willis
The old chant of “We’re #1” isn’t a good thing in Huntington, West Virginia. We’re first in the nation in heart disease, diabetes, adult obesity and much more. AND- our children aren’t doing much better. But as a church we’re working to make better nutrition for our children and overall physical fitness in our community a #1 priority.
By Brad Bloom
Do you ever wake from a sound sleep in the middle of the night? It could be your ultimate performance enhancing moment – a dream come true. Before you roll over and hit the snooze button learn how you can have these five qualities of peak performance in your life. Listen to the song, Said And Done, from the New Michael Boggs album.
An interview with Emily Lind
The journey from childhood to fitness model for Emily Lind includes a loving mother, self-abuse, sports, healthy eating and plenty of exercise. Most importantly it is built on an ever-growing relationship with Jesus Christ. Emily’s faith helps her to stay the course and help others to achieve their goals. Listen to the song, More Than Moved, from the New Michael Boggs album.
By Barbara Bryant
Want to sharpen your focus, put fire in your workout and stay on top of your game? Then learn how to rest both physically and spiritually. Barbara Bryant introduces three forms of rest for women to maintain motivation and achieve peak performance. Now is the time to learn how to be empowered by God.
By Michele Howe
For too long, retirement has been viewed as "my time". Instead extend yourself on behalf of another and you’ll enjoy a stronger immune system, greater peace of mind and healthier body all while bettering someone else's life. Seniors, more than anyone else, are in a unique time in their life to practice the ageless act of living for God’s purpose. Learn some everyday ways you can step out of retirement today and back into life.
Jason Rhymer's picture
By Jason Rhymer, Training Department Editor
PRAYER TRAINING - My workouts are a great time to clear my head and get real with God. Prayer Training is a dynamic approach for you to integrate prayer time with your physical exercise time. All ages and fitness levels can perform the exercises in Prayer Training. Tired of doing the same old workout? Dissatisfied with your unfocused prayers? Take your performance for each to a whole new level with Prayer Training.
By Dr. Ted Roberts, Pure Desire Ministries International
I love to do triathlons but I have to be in great physical shape to enjoy them. In the same way having a great marriage and experiencing deep intimacy requires emotional and spiritual fitness. In a world awash in porn, intimacy is frequently destroyed in the false pursuit of intensity. Find out how to perform intimately to your ultimate potential.
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