By James Woodall, Woodall’s Fitness Training
BOOT CAMP TRAINING Get a group of guys, the family or coworkers together to wrestle and flip a big heavy tire, lift kettle bells and battle with some oversized ropes and you have the beginnings of one tough boot camp workout. Add a focus on the teachings of Christ and conversations on living a faith-grounded lifestyle and you’ll gain a whole new level of fellowship and training. This is boot camp --- fitness training you’ve got to experience!
By Brad Bloom
Sacrifice can be defined in many ways including the simple things like going to the pool to invest time with a child. Start here to begin forming a deeper understanding of sacrifice. Pursue it to shape your physical body and empower your faith. Listen to streaming audio of the new song My Everything by the band Press Play while you read.
By Lindsay Edwards, Ph.D.
When should your family get active and build a spiritual foundation to stay connected? Start today and do it for the rest of your life so that generations to come can experience the fullness of God’s plan for physical and spiritual strength. Exercise, eating well, rest and more are things you can do be healthy. Lindsay Edwards, Ph.D. examines the seven stages of a family to give you practical guidance for each phase of your family life.
Brad Bloom's picture
By Ben Booker and Brad Bloom
Here it is --- Ben Booker’s exclusive six-pack solution just for men! Print it, take it to the gym and see amazing results in just 15 minutes. OK, it is going to be more like 15 days – at least! Can you handle a strict diet of sacrifice? Mmmmm, ouch, oh yeah.
By Dr. Chris Zaino
Our bodies and our health are a gift form God. if you are unhealthy, in pain, depressed with a bad attitude and suffering you need to take back your body from the world and give it back to God. I hear many people use excuses like: “It is too late, too hard, what’s the use, I have no time, and I do not want to fail.” Well now is the time to make a true commitment. God is an active God. It is your turn to take action.
By Kay Marshall Strom
A woman I had never met before made the mistake of introducing herself, casually saying, “Hi, I’m Jan. How are you?” She got an ear full as I unloaded and shared past pains. In turn I received the profound impact of her sacrificial kindness. Now, take time to consider how you can change your world AND discover the health benefits of making your life a living sacrifice for God through kindness.
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