An interview with John Rozmus is a website that boasts being “the future of bodybuilding”. More than 450,000 people have created their own personal BodySpace profile. If you look beyond all the egos and self-promotion you’ll find one of those profiles belongs to John Rozmus. The University of Cincinnati student uses his BodySpace to model more than muscles. John’s online presentation represents a growing number of people who are motivated to seek God and find multiple ways to actively live out their faith in Jesus and make a difference.
An interview with country musician Susie McEntire
At age 52 most women would find lifting a 202 pound barbell for exercise to be... well pretty dangerous. For country musician Susie McEntire the words pretty and dangerous mean pursuing beautiful relationships and taking her role as a woman who loves God further. Play streaming audio of her hit tune Sky Full Of Angels while you read.
By Tina Reale
Last summer, I decided to enter a fitness competition. The process of training really brought me down. I went from working out because I enjoy it to being an obsessed and unhappy person. Thankfully after the competition God helped me shift my focus, see beyond the numbers and find lasting motivation. You can too.
By Mike Nelson, Extreme Human Performance
POWERLIFT TRAINING Three basic exercises make up the powerlifts: the bench press, squat and deadlift. Even if you have no interest in powerlifting competitions, this is a brutally effective but simple program based on feedback from your body to add strength and muscle to your body. Get out your pen and training journal and then get with it!
By Dr. James Merritt, Senior Pastor of Cross Pointe Church and host of Touching Lives.
When your life is just one degree off it is out of whack. The truth is, people who want to “live for God” need to have a healthy body too. In this article Dr. Merritt draws heavily on Bible references and introduces four areas where you need to take God seriously in your health and with your body.
Rob Killen's picture
By Rob Killen, Professional Development Editor
A fitness ministry should be much more than people exercising in a facility operated by a Christian owner. It can be a more comprehensive life-strengthening experience for members. To make that happen, an organization needs to employee a team that delivers the very best on all levels. These practical tips will help bring “All-Stars” to the programs and services of every church or club fitness ministry.
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By Brad Bloom
In the challenges of life how do you make the next step less painful? How do you make the next step count? Don’t make God or exercise little more than a drug. Start here and discover keys to motivation that will unlock powerful ways to take your faith and fitness further.
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