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By Brad Bloom
Create a Top 10 for 2010 --- and make sure it is just a little dangerous! Don’t let this year slip away without really working a wide range of muscles. When you get pushed and pulled you feel the tension – now experience the strength.
By Rebecca Arguelles
National Police Week is May 9-15. Faith & Fitness Magazine celebrates the physical and spiritual leadership of those who serve by recognizing Sergeant Rebecca Arguelles of Chicago. Her life shows how all of us can take the gifts of compassion and personal wellness to positively impact the lives of others.
In:ciite Media's artist Charmaine releases her first album, Love Reality. Her songs encourage others to trust God. In her interview here with Faith & Fitness Magazine she shares her perspectives on how faith must be the key force to deal with struggles and be whole. Find out how she stays fit with tough training and healthy eating. Listen to her new tune, Fighting Furies, while you read.
By Coach Tim Powers
How is your progress going in our Fit To Serve challenge? If it is new for you, it is not too late to start. This installment of our year-long challenge examines common struggles and sets the stage for a closer look at the specific improvements the members of our team are making. Read their online journals. There you can interact with them and be encouraged in your own Fit To Serve challenge.
By Mark Dugdale
Bodybuilder Mark Dugdale returns to the pages of Faith & Fitness Magazine, this time with a message to preach. Have your workouts become ineffective? Is your spiritual life stagnate? He says that provoking our bodies is the only way to realize progress. That grimace on your face and that pain you feel are good – very good. Want to grow? Time to suffer – greatly.
By Vicki Duffy
Your physical body is like a canvas painted by your spirit. On it you show strength, beauty, hope and other reflections of a healthy life. But, how do you cope with tension? For some people they do self-inflicted cutting, burning or other types of injury. This must-read article by Vicki Duffy offers clear insight into the dark corners where expectations and pain derail God’s plan for living.
By Geoff Neupert
Tension is what makes you strong. Sometimes, when training for strength and mastering that tension you find that shortcuts present themselves as options. A couple of years ago, my marriage was in trouble. It was a whole different kind of tension. Just like exercise makes the body stronger, no matter how unpleasant at the time, temptation is a necessary tension, a necessary stress in strengthening your faith.
By Marisa Shadrick, Women’s Interest Department Editor
Looking for an alternative to the sweaty gym workouth? Tai Chi is a gentle and fluid fitness art form that provides low impact training with great health benefits. Get introduced to this well established form of exercise, view video demonstrations and learn how you can use it to draw closer to God.
By Corey Little
The tension mounts as a million things throttle toward you daily. Snacks and meals can add to the stress in a big way. Want to change and lose that anxiety? Learn simple ways you can make good nutrition part of a more relaxed and balanced you.
By Jason Rhymer, Training Department Editor
No weights? No problem. BODYWEIGHT TRAINING is your exercise-anywhere, exercise-anytime solution. We have the ultimate program to add tons of fun and burn tons of calories. Make your bodyweight training absolutely heavenly with a “pair of dice”.
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