By Rob Killen
Ready for an exciting new workout? The 2010 New Equipment Showcase is sure to deliver. Our equipment expert, Rob Killen previews some of the best machines that could be debuting in a club near you soon. Learn everything you need to know about the latest and greatest for 2010.
By Krista Kauffman
Are you committed to doing everything you can to achieve physical and spiritual fitness for the rest of your life? Here is your call to action and accountability. Fitness isn’t about self-gratification - it’s about obedience to God. We have found five people to start an exciting journey. They will get the book FIT TO SERVE free and an entire year of free personal coaching from Coach Powers in 2010. Read and learn more.
By Jason Rhymer
Next Sunday most youth across the country will go to church and do the same routine youth group thing --- (yawn). Other teens will have a lot of fun, build muscle strength, get their heart beating good and grow closer to God. And- they’ll experience a kind of fellowship that you just don’t get by sitting in the church pew. Take a look at the extreme makeover that could be coming soon to a youth group near you.
By Brad Bloom
Where will you be in your faith and fitness journey a year from now? Will things be any better than they are now? Take a look at what factors are currently in place, consider some opportunities for growth then take the most important next step.
By Hope Egan

Many people think that God is a cosmic killjoy when it comes to food. Want to sleep better, have more energy, and have a better attitude about everything in life? Hope Egan shows you how to indulge in foods that look, smell and taste delicious. Four FREE recipes from her new cookbook are included to help you kick-start a new attitude toward amazing meals.

By Barb Raveling

It’s easy to think that winter weight gain is inevitable. Yet, the Bible is clear - Changing the way you think will change the way you act. Discover how to transform your beliefs by applying tips that will lead you to new truths and a way to avoid the needless and unhealthy weight this year.
By Dr. Garrett Gilchrist
Thanks to the new Twilight movie every young man will now be compared against Taylor Lautner’s character Jacob Black. Men are flooding gyms in unprecedented numbers in order to change the appearance of their bodies. Body image can be a heavy weight to carry unless you find balance. Dr. Garrett Gilchrist presents a challenging report that will help you look at the male physique and all it can reveal.
By Brad Bloom
Full of rugged adventure, I recently explored the most amazing place. Tumbling headfirst into a cave, I got some dirt under my fingernails and a bruise or two. Have you found your place to interact spiritually and live life physically?
By Eric Wrona

These days, first-class personal trainers know that in order to help their clients achieve their best they must incorporate all aspects of wellness. Are you getting the most from your fitness activities? Now you can learn to connect with “why” you are exercising in the first place with the passionate support of a Christ-Influenced Trainer.
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