By Greg Hansen
Is fitness fun for you? It can be. Gregory Hansen brings you four perspectives from individuals who know the importance of making fitness fun. They’ll help you find motivation, spiritual formation, the ability to overcome and a larger perspective on being active. Get practical tips to transform fitness from boring to fun and redefine your faith.
An interview with musician Brian Bates
Get ready to download a free fitness tune you can enjoy the next time you exercise. But before you do, read how a fit lifestyle shapes the music of Brian Bates. From the gym, to his concerts, to his work in Africa, Brian dives deep into life’s experiences.
By Lindsey Castleman
Since 2000 one event has helped define how the Christian faith shapes the mission and many other aspects of the YMCA. The conference is a time of fellowship, growth, and renewal in the context of the Christian Purpose of the YMCA. Learn more about the 2009 conference.

Avoiding future tragedies will be the end result of offering services and developing programs that meet the whole spectrum of member needs.
Brad Bloom's picture
By Brad Bloom
One summer day I was running for exercise when I came upon a garden and collection of eight college students tending it. We talked and the smiles we shared confirmed we were in agreement in our social perspectives. Yet we had more in common than that. The garden space had become our all-natural worship location.
By Ron Kardashian- Fitness Expert, Life Coach and Author of “Getting In Shape God’s Way.”
What does it take to get in shape and stay that way? Kardashian offers principles from experience that will get you on track to a healthier you. Do something good for you and others – find out how you can get a free copy of his book and DVD while supplies last.
Brad Bloom's picture
By Brad Bloom
How would you answer that question? If your fitness isn’t fun it should be. If your faith isn’t fun then what do you really believe? Hey – Jesus had fun. Shouldn’t you?
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