By Ken Paul Mink
Instead of giving the old guy a break, the opposing college basketball teams started targeting me when I came into games. They apparently did not want the embarrassment of a 73-year-old scoring against them. Ken Mink shares how being the world's oldest college basketball player at age 73 gives him the opportunity to live his faith. The journey brought much change in his life.
By Brad Bloom
Ms. California 2009 and Father Alberto Cutie with the aid of photographers help us see just how much we can do with our bodies. Scandalous? Perhaps yes. But, what would you risk to grow in your relationship with God?
By Greg Hansen
To be as God is – that is a goal worthy of your aspirations. Gregory Hansen offers eight tips to help you sculpt a balanced muscular and lean physique. However, the advice for sculpting a muscular and lean faith is one simple tip --- you have to sacrifice. Are you up for the challenge?
By Linda Geldermann
I am the mother of 4 teenagers. It occurred to me that a lot of skin issues are affected by sport and fitness activities. I’ve discovered an approach to skin care that is effective for the active person and spiritually strengthening too.
By Danna Demetre, RN
"The day you pushed a wheelbarrow full of fat out on stage to illustrate the 67 pounds you had lost, I cheered for you. When you gained the weight back, I was sad. Oprah, I encourage you to try something new." Author, Danna Demetre shares an open letter to offer the role faith can play in long-term weight management.
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