By Stephen W. Simpson, Ph.D.
Fatherhood confounds most men at first. This leaves less time for exercise. If physical fitness is going to be part of your life you have to make it a priority. Psychologist and father of four, Stephen W. Simpson shares important lessons he has learned about fatherhood and fitness.
By Rob Killen
If you go to church read this and discover the growing trend to use fitness to create exciting to-capacity daily ministry. If you don't go to church this may be the "church experience" for which you've been waiting.
By Michael Mednick and Brad Bloom
Members of a personal training studio in the Surf City of Huntington Beach, Califronia catch the wave of a new wellness initiative that blends faith with fitness. It is an example of the rising tide of fitness professionals who are pioneering advances in fitness ministry.
By Jeanette Hill and Brad Bloom
The popular culture expression “Everything is big in Texas” certainly holds true at Champion Forest Baptist Church in Houston. But, truth be told they are one of a growing list of larger churches that are creating extensive fitness facilities for better ministry. They are helping people discover that churches are the new place for active living and social networking.
By Brad Bloom

It is time to celebrate the fit church. In the world of fitness the well-developed, muscular and healthy human body is celebrated. In like fashion today’s fit church offers a dramatic example of how a body of people called the church can be fully immersed in being the life that God has created.

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