By Corey Little
The tension mounts as a million things throttle toward you daily. Snacks and meals can add to the stress in a big way. Want to change and lose that anxiety? Learn simple ways you can make good nutrition part of a more relaxed and balanced you.
by Charles Burrage, Jr., Ed.D.
How many times have you regretted eating too much during a Thanksgiving, Christmas or other holiday dinner? This season be healthy. Here are some practical steps that you can take to increase fat cell burn and decrease fat cell storage. Includes free healthy recipes and tips.
Brad Bloom's picture
By Brad Bloom
One summer day I was running for exercise when I came upon a garden and collection of eight college students tending it. We talked and the smiles we shared confirmed we were in agreement in our social perspectives. Yet we had more in common than that. The garden space had become our all-natural worship location.
By Linda Geldermann
I am the mother of 4 teenagers. It occurred to me that a lot of skin issues are affected by sport and fitness activities. I’ve discovered an approach to skin care that is effective for the active person and spiritually strengthening too.
By Danna Demetre, RN
"The day you pushed a wheelbarrow full of fat out on stage to illustrate the 67 pounds you had lost, I cheered for you. When you gained the weight back, I was sad. Oprah, I encourage you to try something new." Author, Danna Demetre shares an open letter to offer the role faith can play in long-term weight management.


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