By Anna Connelly
If you think a “G-free” diet means it is rated X (as in “Xtremely tasteless”) then get ready to renew your faith. There is hope for you and the many others affected by a diet filled with gluten. No need to keep asking, “Why me God?” Instead try these recipes and you’ll be saying “Wow! Thank you God for a gluten-free diet.” Includes 5 FREE printable gluten-free recipes that you can use now.
This Gluten-Free Waffles RECIPE is part of the series, The Gluten-Free Diet, Have Faith It’s Flavorful.
This Gluten-Free Lasagna RECIPE is part of the series, The Gluten-Free Diet, Have Faith It’s Flavorful.
By Joe Godwin
If you’ve hit the weights but never really achieve the gains or muscularity that you want then think about adding 3 supplements that are “must haves” to pack on some quality size. Add them to hard work and consistency and reach your full potential.
By Kristen Feola
With a zesty flavor this hardy DINNER recipe hardly seems like it should be part of a “fast”. You’ll make this one over and over every time you say, “lets have pizza”.
By Kristen Feola
If you thought soup was boring then think again. This LUNCH special has a distinctive flavor and is sure to be a hit with everyone.
By Kristen Feola
Get your day started right with this refreshing and tasty Strawberry Banana Smoothie for BREAKFAST.
By Corey Little
The tension mounts as a million things throttle toward you daily. Snacks and meals can add to the stress in a big way. Want to change and lose that anxiety? Learn simple ways you can make good nutrition part of a more relaxed and balanced you.
by Charles Burrage, Jr., Ed.D.
How many times have you regretted eating too much during a Thanksgiving, Christmas or other holiday dinner? This season be healthy. Here are some practical steps that you can take to increase fat cell burn and decrease fat cell storage. Includes free healthy recipes and tips.
By Barb Raveling

It’s easy to think that winter weight gain is inevitable. Yet, the Bible is clear - Changing the way you think will change the way you act. Discover how to transform your beliefs by applying tips that will lead you to new truths and a way to avoid the needless and unhealthy weight this year.


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