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Check out this article on Food Network personality, Gina Neely. She tells of her weight loss and new healthy lifestyle.

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A healthy recipe for a quick, breakfast or after workout snack.

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In this special Fit For Freedom section you'll get a wealth of information and ideas to shop for more nutritious foods in every food group. Laurie Graves tops it all off with a couple of recipes to help get you started.

By Elizabeth Barge

Just in time for the holidays --- We have desert! Eating healthier happens when it is functional. Good nutrition has to make sense for YOU. When your sweet tooth craves a treat you can make smart choices that taste great. Nutritionist Elizabeth Barge brings you two dessert recipes that are full of natural ingredients and fun flavor. Surprise your friends with a signature dessert that is oh so sweet AND healthy.

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An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Use this apple delicious recipe as a snack or dessert option.

By Mark Cornelison

You’ve seen the television show. The challenges are immense, the desperation is overwhelming and the transformations are amazing. Mark has been there and done it and now his burden is to bring light to others in ways he never could have imagined.

By Tim McComsey, Registered Dietitian and NASM certified personal trainer
We all eat, but our motives and the end results can be very different. Some people want to actually gain weight. For others, losing body fat and improving fitness and energy is the goal. Tim McComsey breaks down the science of eating to gain or lose with keys to achieve and foods that will help. Do you want to gain or lose?
By Kenneth Johnson
You’re busy and in a hurry. No time to snack or at least snack healthy, right? Wrong! Leave the junk food behind and revert to raw. Yes, you can do it AND enjoy it. In fact, in the time it takes for you to find your 7 favorite raw snack foods we bet you’ll be ready to help your friends find their favorites too.
By Tim McComsey

”Just a spoon full of sugar helps the insulin go up”. OK, not quite how the Mary Poppins song goes but… Registered Dietitian Tim McComsey is back to address a nutrition question from one of our readers. Learn how to regulate your blood sugar by eating the right balance of God given foods.


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