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You can cook the foods that you love and still live a healthy lifestyle. Chef Anthony Jordan gives you 3 great recipes that are both soulful and nutritious. Read all 4 pages.

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Ted Cunningham built a ginormous farm table for his wife. A couple in their church prepared a multi-course meal serving a relaxing and high-end experience. Make mealtime healthy and fun. You don’t have to be a nutritionist or celebrity chef, you just have to commit to eating well with those close to you.

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Invito Personal Chef Anthony Jordan from Cincinnati, Ohio has 3 amazing SOUL FOOD recipes that you've just got to try. They're healthy AND they're oh so good! You'll want to cook them again and again to share with everyone at your church and gym.

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It's that lovely time of year where pumpkin spice makes everything nice. Try this delicious milkshake for a filling and enjoyable dessert.

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NUTRITION  “You’ve got this!” is not what you need to hear when you’re dieting. SELF-control is a huge weight in weight gain. Admitting you are powerless and drawing on God’s strength is the day-by-day miracle that completes good nutrition. You can take that to the scale. INCLUDES 2 RECIPES.

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Have a craving for some chocolate? Yeah, we thought so. Let us introduce you to the good stuff, some awesome recipes and one sweet chocolate evangelist.

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On the run every morning? This recipe gives you a healthy option made while you sleep.

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NUTRITION   If you could get a full 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day think how much healthier you’d be. Now discover how easy and tasty it can be. Two FREE recipes included.

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Los Angeles is the epicenter of entertainment. Here life revolves around delicious food and staying up late. Indulge and it’s easy to give into temptations. The company you keep influences “Normal”. Everyone’s dieting and everyone’s hungry for a better way of living.


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