Everybody Shout!: Discover The Opportunities With Wide-Ranging Outdoor Ministries
Taught By: Brad Bloom Room: Tampa Bay 1
Time: Monday 1:30-2:20
Description: If you've thought that sports and recreation could be more than fields and courts then this seminar will give you reason to shout. Brad Bloom, publisher of Shout! Outdoor Lifestyle Magazine will guide you through six categories of outdoor ministry that will transform the way you think about outdoor programming. Discover how you can spark new interest, expand your reach and invigorate the spiritual passions of your congregation and community. You'll learn how outdoor ministry is affordable, versatile and highly motivational.

INTRODUCTION: A Splendid Playground
It’s Your Serve

1. First Baptist kayak adventures
2. First Baptist bicycle tours
3. First Baptist Sky Divers
4. First Baptist Mud Run
5. First Baptist Bayou, Gators N More

How to grow new programs and members:
1. Do a survey
2. Try something new
3. Research and see what is available close and what is popular in your area – what groups exist already.
4. Get volunteers
5. Promote well: website + media

Six areas of Outdoor Ministry:
1. Hike/Camp/Climb
2. Boat/Surf/Snorkel
3. Paddle/Row/Raft
4. Peddle/Race/Run
5. Hunt/Fish/Sustain
6. Extreme activities

Begin proposal development

What’s the difference?:
- Location, location, location (It’s Not The Summit Adventure)
- Small group fellowship, interactive conversations, teamwork, problem solving, contributes to story telling (Summit Adventure)
- Conducive to prayer and worship (Worship Weekend)
- Adventurous, engaging, thoughtful, discovery (Kart Kountry)

Who can do it and how will they do it?:
- Stroller Strides – new mothers and fathers
- sailing – seniors or couples
- hunting – fathers and sons (The Benefits Of Wild Game)
- hiking/backpacking – families
- skiing/snorkeling – parenting
- gardening – cross-generational

No money – No problem: (affordable)
Frisbee Golf

City dwellers are welcome:
Bike/running/roller-blade trails (Indianapolis Monon Trail)
Pet playgrounds
Urban parks (Mt. Trashmore, Virginia Beach)
Xtreme sports parks (Louisville, KY)
Kayaking Rapids (Richmond, VA)
Beach Volleyball (Chicago, IL)

Play safe but do play:
Safety gear and procedures
Trained professionals
Third party vendors (Alpine Adventures)

I and my team at Shout! Outdoor Lifestyle Magazine want to help you get started.

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